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Turkey’s Looming Water Crisis

As reported by European WaterNews, the current Turkish administration has heeded a warning by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Turkey) over Turkey’s shrinking water resources and a call on the government to take action before it faces a severe water crisis by 2050, by revealing an action plan to save water.  As the article […]

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The Thirsty Dragon’s Water Crisis – So Critical That Beijing Faces Economic Collapse

Via AFP, a rather startling report on the possible impact of China’s water woes.  As the article notes: “…Beijing’s water crisis is so critical that the city is facing economic collapse and the need to resettle part of its population in coming decades, a leading development policy group said Friday. Experts predict the Chinese capital […]

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Chinese-Funded Hydro Dams Bring Hope and Fear to Cambodia

As adroitly summed up by The China Digital Times, Chinese companies are investing in six river dam projects in Cambodia, but some analysts warn of the environmental and social consequences that could arise. As the article notes: “…Hydropower is held up as the beacon of hope for millions of electricity-starved Cambodians, with ten planned hydro-dams […]

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Greece To Sell Water to Cyprus

As reported by Terra Daily, Greece has signed a deal with Cyprus to sell eight million cubic metres (280 million cubic feet) of water to the drought-hit island. According to the article: “…Cyprus is facing a major drought problem and asked for our help,” Greek Environment and Public Works Minister George Souflias told reporters. “We […]

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North China’s Largest Freshwater Lake Shrinking

As reported by the China Internet Information Center, the water level of the Dalai Lake – the largest fresh water lake in northern China – has fallen about 3 meters since 2002, while its area has contracted by more than 500 square kilometers, said local authorities.  As the article notes: This picture taken on May […]

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Could Water Needs Unite Central Asian States Vs. Driving Them Apart?

As reported by Window on Eurasia, most analysts see competition for water driving the five countries of Central Asia apart, possibly even leading to military conflicts among them. But a Kyrgyz ecologist argues that in fact both these countries and the international community should make access to water the basis for closer cooperation among them. […]

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