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Kabul Mayor Says City’s Water Supply Could ‘Dry Up’

Via The Frontier Post, an article on Kabul’s precarious water situation: After decades of conflict, climate change and poor water management, Afghanistan’s capital is facing a dire water shortage. The shortage is becoming a bigger problem with every passing day, and has authorities worried. “There is concern that the city could literally dry up,” Kabul […]

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South America’s Dry Future

Courtesy of the Washington Post, an article on South America’s drought conditions: Sergio Koci’s sunflower farm in the lowlands of northern Argentina has survived decades of political upheaval, runaway inflation and the coronavirus outbreak. But as a series of historic droughts deadens vast expanses of South America, he fears a worsening water crisis could do […]

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Egypt Overhauls Hydropower Plants Amid Nile Dam Crisis

Via Al Monitor, an article on Egypt’s plans to replace 19 turbines at the Aswan High Dam and Aswan Low Dam as Ethiopia prepares to start producing electricity from the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in the coming months: The Egyptian government plans to overhaul the hydropower stations of its dams in the southern Aswan governorate amid […]

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U.S. High Plains: Groundwater Is Disappearing

Via AP News, a report on the decreasing availability of American groundwater: Tim Black‘s cell phone dings, signaling the time to reverse sprinklers spitting water across a pie-shaped section of grass that will provide pasture for his cattle. It’s important not to waste a drop. His family’s future depends on it. For decades, the Texas […]

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New York City Faces Risk Of Running Out Of Water – Fast

Via The Independent, an article on the U.S. water scarcity crisis: New York City faces significant risk of running out of water by 2050, according to a new study. An analysis, published on Tuesday, examined climate risks for the most-populated US counties in the next 30 years, including the threats of wildfire, heatwave, water stress, flooding, hurricane […]

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Polluted Water and American Water Injustice

Courtesy of The Guardian, a report on a American town – predominantly black – which has poisoned water, while a predominantly white town nearby has clean water: Bobbie Clay first realized something was wrong a few years ago. The water at her Benton Harbor, Michigan, home had started coming out of the tap looking “bubbly and […]

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