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Damming or Damning the Amazon: Assessing Ecuador / China Cooperation

Via Mongabay, an article on Ecuador’s partnership with China and what it may mean for rivers in the Amazon: In 2008, Ecuador, led by President Rafael Correa, approved a new constitution based upon Buen Vivr (the ”Good Life”), committing the nation to indigenous rights, environmental sustainability and state sovereignty. However, Correa quickly aligned the nation […]

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Groundwater, Geopolitics, and the Guaraní Aquifer

Via Water Wired, a note that the current issue of Stygoscape focuses on the Guaraní aquifer – one of the largest reservoirs of groundwater in the world which is  shared by Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay.  Current water storage is estimated to range between 37,000  to 55,000 km3 by various workers, a natural recharge of […]

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Geo-Strategic Implications of Dwindling Water Resources

Noticed an interesting report on the geo-strategic implications of climate change put together by The CNA Corporation, a nonprofit institution that conducts in-depth, independent research and analysis.  CNA brought together eleven retired three-star and four-star admirals and generals to provide advice, expertise and perspective on the impact of climate change.  Here is what the report […]

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