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Cuba’s Water Crisis Boils Over Into The Street

Via Reuters, a look at Cuba’s water crisis where more than 100,000 Havana residents are without water as the heat of the Caribbean summer sets in, raising tensions on the streets of Cuba’s capital as the crisis-racked government scrambles to find a solution.

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Cuba’s Constant Struggle for Clean Water

Courtesy of The New York Times, an insightful look at Cuba’s struggle for clean water where battling water scarcity requires a vast array of workers, from inspectors and fumigators to truck drivers and pipe layers: In one hand Manuel Reyes Estrada carried a form and a pencil, in the other a bucket filled with small fish and […]

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The Cuban Water Crisis

Via the Miami Herald, a report on Cuba’s water crisis: Men sit on the steps and play a hand of cards, women chat outside barred windows, stray dogs missing tufts of fur trot by. Taxi drivers call it the last stop in Havana. The locals call the neighborhood El barrio de Jesus María. Up the […]

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