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The Red-Dead Sea Canal: A Fading Pipe Dream To Fix The Middle East’s Water Woes

Via IFL Science, a look at the proposed Red-Dead Sea Canal which, with relationships in the Middle East at an all-time low, the Red Sea–Dead Sea may never come to fruition: Two fingers of the Red Sea – the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of Aqaba – rise through the Middle East between Egypt, […]

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Jordan Will Not Sign Water-for-Energy Deal With Israel

Via the Jordan Times, a report that Jordan will will not sign water-for-energy deal with Israel in light of the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip: Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said on Thursday that Jordan will not sign a water-for-energy deal with Israel in light of the ongoing war on the […]

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People of Gaza Need A ‘Water Ceasefire’

Via the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, commentary on the need for a water ceasefire in Gaza: The grainy night-time video footage from northern Gaza shows a flood coursing down the streets. Four weeks into Israel’s bombing campaign, a critical water tank was hit in the Jabalia refugee camp, sending the contents of the reservoir streaming. Even amidst everything […]

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Gaza’s Water Crisis: From Lever Of Occupation To Weapon Of War

Via WorldCrunch, a report on how shortages of water, which have ultimately long been controlled by Israel, have long been a brutal reality for the Palestinians of Gaza. Now with the ongoing bombing and siege campaign, the daily search for water has become central to the struggle to survive. Firas, a young Palestinian man from […]

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Collaborative Water Management: A Building Block for Peace between between Israelis and Palestinians

Via The Conversation, a look at how collaborative water management can be a building block for peace between Israelis and Palestinians: Water is a central element of the war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Israel controls several water pipelines entering Gaza, much as it controls most of life there. But water can also be […]

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Thirsty Families in Gaza Eke Out Trickle of Water

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a look at how – after Israel imposed its siege on the coastal enclave – UN agencies are warning people are resorting to drinking dirty water: Hana Abu Awda and the 40 people with whom she shares a home in Rafah, at the southern end of the Gaza strip, have […]

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