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Palestinian Water Woes Highlight Dashed Hopes of Oslo Accords

Via Al Monitor, a report on how Palestinian water woes highlight the dashed hopes of the Oslo Accords: Thirty years after the landmark Oslo Accords, Palestinian hopes for statehood seem as remote as ever and popular frustration is rife — nowhere more than over access to water. The Israeli-Palestinian dispute centres on land but also […]

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Israel – Palestine Water Tension Reflects Broader Battle

Via AP News, commentary on how – as Israeli settlements thrive – Palestinian taps run dry: Across the dusty villages of the occupied West Bank, where Israeli water pipes don’t reach, date palms have been left to die. Greenhouses are empty and deserted. Palestinians say they can barely get enough water to bathe their children […]

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Israel: Use Water To ‘The Last Drop’

Courtesy of The Frontier Post, a report on Israel’s pioneering use of water ‘to the last drop’ In the scorching summer heat, an Israeli farmer tends to a dripline taking a mix of ground and recycled water to palm trees – an approach honed for decades in the arid country and now drawing wide interest […]

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‘Water Apartheid’: How Israel Weaponizes Water in the Gaza Strip

Via Middle East Eye, commentary on Palestinians living under Israeli occupation whose access to clean water is severely restricted: The seizure of water to drive people from their land has long served as a tool of colonial domination. That process is well advanced in the occupied West Bank where water has been controlled by Israel since its occupation began […]

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Trading Water for Sun

Courtesy of the Wilson Quarterly, a look at how the Abraham Accords opened the door for a green energy exchange between Israel and Jordan: Water scarcity has marked the relationship between Israel and Jordan since a peace treaty was signed between the two nations in 1994. With Israel’s desalination capacity surging and Jordan’s water supply growing scarcer, […]

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In Middle East, Rising Temperatures and Climate Cooperation

Via Diplomatic Courier, commentary that – instead of driving tensions and even war between nations – climate change may actually bring nations closer together: In September 2020, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain signed a diplomatic normalization agreement widely known as the Abraham Accords. Afterwards, other Arab countries, such as Sudan and Morocco, started […]

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