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ADB Forecasts An “Unprecedented” Water Crisis in Asia Within a Decade

As reported in Reuters, the Asian Development Bank released a new report entitled “Asian Water Development Outlook” on Asia’s impending water crisis. As the report notes: “…Developing countries in Asia could face an “unprecedented” water crisis within a decade due to mismanagement of water resources… …The effects of climate change, rapid industrialisation and population growth […]

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China and Central Asia: Working Together to Manage the Balkhash-Alakol Basin

News from the Central Asia Water site that a draft agreement on the use of the Balkhash-Alakol Basin has been prepared. As the article notes: “…Kazakhstan’s Minister of Environmental Protection Nurlan Iskakov stated that Kazakhstan, China and Kyrgyzstan prepared an agreement on rational use of the Balkhash-Alakol basin. According to the Minister, ecological consequences of […]

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Water Politics in U.S. Southeast: Beware of the Inevitable Deluge

Associated Press is reporting that Federal biologists signed off on a plan to reduce the flow of water from Lake Lanier, the main water source for Atlanta and the focal point of a three-state water fight as the Southeast contends with a historic drought.  However, as the article notes, the issues is still under strong […]

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Great Lakes Water Wars

With large sections of the American West and South suffering through drought, some politicians and water managers are viewing the Great Lakes as the natural-resource equivalent of a fat pension fund, a “tappable” resource which could help in the near-term at the expense of future generations and regional communities. As a recent article from the […]

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“The Lake Has Become Political”

Terra Daily’s recent look at the extreme drought in the southeast US which has fueled a bitter tri-state battle over dwindling water resources may just be a prelude to many such water controversies in the years ahead. “…Millions of people in the state of Georgia fear their taps could run dry, while environmentalists in Florida […]

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