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Drought-Hit North Africa Turns to Purified Sea and Wastewater

Via Terra Daily, a look at how drought-hit North Africa has turned to purified sea and wastewater: From Tunisia to Morocco, sun-baked North Africa has embarked on a building spree of plants that purify sea and wastewater as climate change intensifies droughts in the water-scarce region.Across the Maghreb region, which takes in parts of the […]

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After a Dry Spring, Northwest Africa Braces for Disruptive Crop Failures

Courtesy of RANE Worldview, analysis of how – after a dry Spring – Northwest Africa braces for disruptive crop failures: As the summer harvest season begins in agriculture-dependent North Africa, severe drought will lead to crop failures that will increase risks of political uncertainty, social unrest and economic instability. Northwest Africa’s Maghreb region, which includes Morocco, […]

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Simmering Global Water Tension As Hot, Dry Summer Looms

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, some hotspots for water tension as a hot, dry summer looms: Sun-baked fields and dusty reservoirs dot the landscape of southern Spain. Travel east in the Mediterranean and Tunisia is cutting urban water service at night to conserve supplies amid a harsh, multi-year drought. In the Horn of Africa, meanwhile, […]

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In Grim Drought, Tunisians Ration Water In State-Ordered Ban

Via The Frontier Post, an article on Tunisia’s punishing drought: It’s a feeble drip, drip, drip from the taps every night in Tunisia for six months. Spigots are cut off for seven hours from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. in a state-ordered water rationing in most regions across the country, including Tunis, the capital city. […]

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Parched Tunisia Imposes Water Rationing

Via Terra Daily, a report on Tunisia’s water scarcity challenge: Tunisia announced tight restrictions on water usage, including rationing tap water, on Friday, as the drought-hit country braces for another baking summer.The North African country’s dams are at critical lows following years of drought, exacerbated by pipeline leaks in a decrepit distribution network. The agriculture […]

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‘Living On The Edge’: Middle East At Risk of Climate-Induced Food, Water Scarcity

Via Terra Daily, a report on a new Greenpeace study focused on the Middle East’s climate risks: The Middle East is at high risk of water and food scarcity as well as severe heat waves as a result of climate change, said a Greenpeace study released Wednesday. Published only days ahead of the UN climate […]

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