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‘Living On The Edge’: Middle East At Risk of Climate-Induced Food, Water Scarcity

Via Terra Daily, a report on a new Greenpeace study focused on the Middle East’s climate risks: The Middle East is at high risk of water and food scarcity as well as severe heat waves as a result of climate change, said a Greenpeace study released Wednesday. Published only days ahead of the UN climate […]

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Tunisia: Headed Towards A ?Thirst Uprising??

Via Al Monitor, a look at Tunisia’s water crisis which, according to some analysts, may be the spark to the next revolution in the nation: On Sept. 12, the people of Fernana?? a small town located in northwestern Tunisia?? gathered at the pumping station that supplies water to Tunis and threatened to?cut off the supply?to […]

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Middle East & North Africa: Food vs. Water

As reported in The International Herald Tribune, global food shortages have placed the Middle East and North Africa in a quandary, forcing them to choose between growing more crops to feed an expanding population or preserving their already scant supply of water. As the article notes: “…For decades nations in this region have drained aquifers, […]

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