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Why Water Conflict is Rising, Especially on the Local Level

Via The Center for Climate and Security, an article on water conflict: That future wars will be fought over water, rather than oil, has become something of a truism, particularly with regard to the Middle East. It’s also one that most water experts have refuted time and time and time again. But while this preference for cooperation over conflict may (and emphasis […]

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The Parched Tiger: India’s Winter Crops Shrink by 20% As Groundwater Depletes

Via The Print, a report on how India could see winter crop cultivation shrink by 20% as groundwater depletes: Decrease in groundwater levels and the inadequate irrigation capacity of canals could reduce India’s winter crop acreage by up to 20 per cent, a new study has warned. Indian farmers have been battling depleting groundwater since the […]

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Australia: Must Embrace Water As A National Security Priority

Courtesy of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, commentary on Australia’s need to embrace water as a national security priority: Hangovers result from a classic human failing: we stop and think only when a problem arises, not when it’s caused. When times are good, we’ve always got room for one more, but come the morning and […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Is China Really Behind A Malicious Plot To Buy Up Australia’s Water?

Via the South China Morning Post, a look at how – as the relationship between Canberra and Beijing sours – distrust of China and concerns about drought and water shortages have fuelled talk that China is buying up Australia’s water sources with malicious intent: In Australia, Earth’s driest inhabited continent, landowning farmers are given water rights that can be traded […]

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Egypt-Ethiopia: Difficult Negotiations

Via Near Eastern Outlook, analysis on the latest round of GERD negotiations: The latest round of Egyptian-Ethiopian negotiations over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), brokered by former African Union (AU) president Cyril Ramaphosa, ended without agreement, adding another episode to the chain of failed negotiations.  Egypt accused Ethiopia of derailing the GERD negotiations and […]

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Cuba’s Constant Struggle for Clean Water

Courtesy of The New York Times, an insightful look at Cuba’s struggle for clean water where battling water scarcity requires a vast array of workers, from inspectors and fumigators to truck drivers and pipe layers: In one hand Manuel Reyes Estrada carried a form and a pencil, in the other a bucket filled with small fish and […]

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