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The Looming Climate and Water Crisis in the Middle East and North Africa

Via Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a look at the looming climate and water crisis in MENA: INTRODUCTION The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is naturally prone to being hot and dry, in stark contrast with the rest of the world. The region’s arid climate is the primary contributor to its perennial state […]

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Scientists Blame Climate Change for ‘Extreme Drought’ in Iraq, Iran and Syria

Via Terra Daily, a report on ‘extreme drought’ in Iraq, Iran and Syria; The “extreme” drought gripping Iraq, Syria and Iran would not have occurred without climate change caused primarily by burning fossil fuels, scientists said Wednesday, warning that punishing dry spells will become more intense as the world warms.High temperatures due to human-caused climate […]

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Tigris–Euphrates Basin States Must Come Together To Address Water Crisis

Via ASPI’s The Strategist, a look at the need for Tigris–Euphrates basin states to come together to address the water crisis: In a dramatic display of collective frustration, the streets of Baghdad recently became a theatre of dissent as around 300 Iraqis took to Nisour Square to protest acute water shortages. The demonstrations were held on 18 […]

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Drought, Migration and the Fall of Civilization: A Cautionary Tale

Via The Hill, commentary on similarities between today’s world and the rise/fall of Mesopotamia: The writer George Santayana once famously said: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  This adage seems especially poignant at this moment with the twin conflicts that are playing out in the Western and Eastern hemispheres. For, this […]

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Syrians Despair at Water Loss, River Pollution

Via Al-Monitor, a look at the impact that reduced flows and pollution have had upon Syria’s water-based industries: Around war-torn Syria’s biggest freshwater dam reservoir, fishermen say their catch is now a fraction of what it used to be as environmental pressures have decimated aquatic life. Ismail Hilal, 50, sat on the hull of his […]

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 Dammed Thirsty: The Cross-Border Fight For Water

Via Terra Daily, a look at some of the world’s cross-border fights for water: With half the world experiencing water scarcity for at least part of the year, the huge dams being built by some countries to boost their power supplies while their neighbours go parched are a growing source of potential conflict.Ahead of a […]

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