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The Thirsty Dragon: Drought in Northern China Is Worst on Record

Courtesy of the New York Times, a look at the current drought in northern China: Officials governing a large area of northern China say their region is suffering from the worst drought on record, leading to crops wilting and farmers and herders growing desperate to get water to farmlands, grasslands, animals and their households. The drought is affecting […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Is China’s Hydropower Frenzy Drowning Sacred Mountains?

Via Terra Daily, a report on the impact of China’s dam building on Tibet’s sacred mountains: Towering walls of concrete entomb lush forests on mountainsides in southwest China as workers toil on the dry riverbed below to build the country’s latest mega-dam. The colossal construction site in Sichuan province swallows three rivers, providing another display […]

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Hydropower: A Hot Topic In Central Asia, And Not Just From The Usual Suspects

Courtesy of Radio Free Europe, a look at hydro power in Central Asia: There has been a lot of talk about hydropower in Central Asia since the start of May, and not just from the usual quarters. Perhaps it’s just officials watching the melting snows of spring and envisioning lights coming on in homes and […]

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Why Hydro Politics Will Shape The 21st Century

Courtesy of BBC, a look at how – in the coming decades – the supply of water has the potential to influence geopolitics, diplomacy and even conflict: The 2008 James Bond film Quantum of Solace pits 007 against an evil criminal syndicate bent on global domination. Sounds par for the course… but this particular network […]

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Central Asia: Water Stress in the Naryn River Basin

Via Glacier Hub, an article on water Stress in the Naryn River Basin: Around the world, meltwater from snow and glaciers has provided surrounding communities with water for irrigation and hydropower, but climate change is altering the timing and volume of the annual water flow cycle. This issue is pressing in eastern Kyrgyzstan, where the glaciers and snowpack […]

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Peak Water Looms in Central Asia

Via Glacier Hub, a look at water stress in Central Asia: Glacier mass loss is threatening community livelihoods in Chon Kemin valley, in Central Asia. People in the region “strongly [depend] on glacial melt water for fresh water supply, irrigation and hydropower production…” say Annina Sorg and her coauthors of a paper studying the increased glacial melt in this […]

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