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India and Pakistan Can Future-Proof Their Threatened Rivers

Via OneWater, a look at how India and Pakistan can future-proof their threatened rivers: > India has signalled its intention to re-negotiate the Indus Water Treaty > Climate change has profoundly impacted the rivers governed by the Treaty > To future-proof their rivers, leaders in India and Pakistan will need to shape a different approach […]

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Why Tajikistan’s Water Matters

Via The Geopolitics, a look at why Tajikistan’s water matters: Tajikistan is a very rich country in terms of water and hydropower potential. Its water, which is the Central Asian nation’s most widespread natural resource, seems to have become Dushanbe’s priority for socioeconomic development. In Tajikistan, a mountainous landlocked country of around 10 million people, […]

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Mexico City’s Water ‘Day Zero’ May Come Even for the Wealthiest Residents

Courtesy of The Washington Post, an article on Mexico City’s water crisis: Raquel Campos’ water issues started in January, when her condo building’s manager sent residents a message saying that the city hadn’t delivered water to its cistern. Four days later, taps in the upscale residence went dry. Campos has lived in the wealthy Polanco […]

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Iran Secures Water Rights from Afghanistan Following Talks

Via The Frontier Post, a report that Iran has secured water rights from Afghanistan following recent talks: The ambassador and special representative of Iran to Afghanistan, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, said that over 300 million cubic meters of Tehran’s water rights have been secured from Afghanistan this solar year through negotiations and agreements with Afghanistan’s interim […]

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Arizona Tribes Were Left Out of Water Decisions Until 1908. Here’s How They Negotiate Today

Via KJZZ, a report on how Arizona tribes, which were left out of water decisions until 1908, negotiate today: Arizona is home to 22 federally recognized tribes. Each is trying to tap into the state’s ever-shrinking supplies of surface and groundwater, and, most of all, the Colorado River, following decades of exclusion. Why do tribes […]

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As Reservoirs Go Dry, Mexico City and Bogotá Stare Down ‘Day Zero’

Via Grist, a report on Mexico City and Bogotá which are both staring down ‘Day Zero’ and what they can learn from Cape Town, which beat a water crisis in 2018: In Mexico City, more and more residents are watching their taps go dry for hours a day. Even when water does flow, it often […]

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