California: Water Politics
Courtesy of The Economist, a detailed look at California’s water politics as it struggles with drought and increasing demand for [...]
Melting Himalayan Ice Prompts Conflict Fear
Courtesy of The Financial Times, a report on rising threat of conflict between India and Bangladesh – and possibly other [...]
Nile Sharing…
Via The East African, commentary on the desire of some downstream riparian countries to renegotiate allocation of water in the [...]
Water And The Divided States Of America
Courtesy of Circle of Blue, a highlight of the numerous (and growing) battles in the United States over freshwater.  As [...]
Water, Climate Change, and War Games
Via Miller-McCune, a report that some nations’ war games are now including a climate change component.  As the article notes: [...]
Water Tension In Central Asia
Courtesy of The Open Economy, a detailed look at the growing water crisis in Central Asia.  We have covered this [...]

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