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Utah’s ‘Water OPEC’: Why The 2nd Driest State Rejects Conservation

Via ProPublica, a report on why a powerful group that steers Utah’s water policy keeps pushing for costly infrastructure over meaningful conservation efforts: With rising temperatures and two decades of drought depleting the Colorado River, some Southwestern states are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to pay homeowners to tear out their lawns and farmers […]

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The Parched Tiger: India’s Water-Stressed Villages, Modi Seeks a Tap for Every Home

Courtesy of the New York Times, an article on India’s efforts to provide clean tap water by 2024 to approximately 192M households: The pipes are laid, the taps installed and the village tank is under construction — all promising signs that, come spring, Girja Ahriwar will get water at her doorstep and finally shed a […]

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The West’s Race To Secure Water

Via Bloomberg, a report on how four cities in the U.S. are trying to survive future droughts, from expanding reservoirs and tapping neighboring watersheds to pushing conservation efforts: How much water flows into Southwestern U.S. cities next year will depend on the coming snowfall and the resulting snowpack accumulation. So far, it’s not looking good. High mountain […]

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Severe Water Stress, Absolute Scarcity for 2 to 4 Billion Humans by 2025

Via Inter Press News Service, an article on global water stress: Now it comes to the scary water crises, as it is estimated that, globally, over two billion people live in countries that experience high water stress. On this, the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) also reports that ”other estimates are even more pessimistic, with up […]

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Ethiopia: Water Diplomacy To Deal With Renaissance Dam Crisis

Via Eurasia Review, commentary on how water diplomacy could help resolve the GERD crisis: Water is essential to life. Water resources were the main determinant of human stability and residence. However, the geographical distribution of water resources varies as a result of the political, social and economic changes that the world has undergone, in addition […]

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Water Scarcity Ignites Ethnic Clashes in Cameroon

Via Circle of Blue, a look at the impact that reduced rainfall in the Sahel is straining Cameroon’s agriculture industry and sparking ethnic tensions: One hundred thousand people are displaced after ethnic clashes broke out in northern Cameroon earlier this month. The deadly clashes reflect heightened competition over natural resources in an area experiencing rapid environmental change. […]

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