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Squeezing Africa Dry

Courtesy of, a look at the scramble for water in Africa: Food cannot be grown without water. In Africa, one in three people endure water scarcity and climate change will make things worse. Building on Africa’s highly sophisticated indigenous water management systems could help resolve this growing crisis, but these very systems are being […]

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The Great Land + Water Grab: The Discovery of a New Aquifer in Namibia

Via FutureChallenges, a report on the rising water tensions over control/access to a new aquifer recently discovered in Namibia: The arid nation of Namibia has a newly discovered aquifer called Ohangwena II, that spans its northeast region, which flows under the boundary between Angola and Namibia. The country is considered one of the driest in […]

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Yemen’s Water Woes

Via Foreign Policy, a look at Yemen’s water woes: During Yemen’s rainy season, which stretches from August to October, the Silah, the cobbled road that intersects the capital Sanaa’s ancient Old City, often floods becoming, for a few brief hours, a fast-running river. Over the years, the road has been gradually deepened, with steps built […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China’s Water-Transfer Projects “Essential”

Courtesy of China Dialogue, another look at via an interview with Xia Jun, president of the International Water Resources Association and head of the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Water Resources Centre: chinadialogue: Is it correct to say that China has plenty of water, but it’s unevenly distributed? Xia Jun: Not necessarily plenty – we have […]

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Mekong Dams Could Rob Millions Of Primary Protein Source

Via WWF, a report on the potential impact that hydropower dams on the Mekong could have upon food sources for millions of people: Hydropower dams planned for the lower mainstem of the Mekong River could decimate fish populations and with them the primary source of protein for 60 million people. The impact of the dams […]

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Water Strife: Leading To Water Conflict?

Courtesy of Global Geopolitics, an article on the potential of water strife to manifest itself into all out conflict: As the world faces possible water scarcities in the next two to three decades, the U.S. intelligence community has already portrayed a grim scenario for the foreseeable future: ethnic conflicts, regional tensions, political instability and even […]

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