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Waterway Robbery?

Courtesy of NewScientist, an article looking at what they term: waterway robbery.  As the report notes: FRESH water is one of our most vital resources, but some nations have much greater access to it than others. That is partly down to the geographical good fortune of being sited upstream on a great river. But it […]

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Afghanistan Seeks Indian Help In Water Infrastructure

Via The PakTribune, a report on Afghanistan’s desire for Indian help in water infrastructure: With long years of conflict reducing the area under irrigation, Afghanistan is looking for assistance from India and other “friendly countries” in building its water infrastructure and management, says visiting Energy and Water Minister Alhaj M. Ismail. Ismail, who met Water […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Western China’s Watergy Crisis

Via Yale’s Environment 360 blog, a look at how China - In its quest to find new sources of energy – is increasingly looking to its western provinces. But, as the article notes, the nation’s push to develop fossil fuel and alternative sources has so far ignored a basic fact — western China simply lacks the […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Beijing To See Acute Water Shortages In 2012

Via XinhuaNet, a report that Beijing will experience severe water shortages this year.  As the article notes: Beijing is expected to face a water shortage of 1.3 billion cubic meters in 2012, accounting for a third of the city’s annual water usage, according to local water authorities. The municipal government will work to keep the […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Quenching China’s Thirst For Water

Courtesy of Managing the Dragon, a report on China’s water scarcity: As China’s already large economy continues to industrialize, the country’s growing thirst for oil has been well documented. Many believe, however, that water, not necessarily oil, may ultimately prove to be the most valuable liquid in the Chinese economy. While a rich country can […]

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Iran’s Planned Water Transfer Project

Via the Circle of Blue, a more detailed look at Iran’s recently announced planned water transfer project: Last week, Iran started construction on a $US 1.5 billion project that will transfer water from the Caspian Sea to the country’s arid central region. It’s not the first time — other major water transfer projects move 2,110 […]

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