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BHP, South Australia Strike Mega Water Deal To Turbocharge Copper Mining

Via the Financial Review, a report on BHP and the South Australian government plans for a multibillion-dollar desalination plant to accelerate copper mining in the region: BHP and the South Australian government are close to finalising talks over a multibillion-dollar desalination plant for the Upper Spencer Gulf as the miner grows more confident in its […]

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Australian Water Industry: Undergoing Profound Change

Via Cosmos Magazine, a look at the Australian water industry which is undergoing profound change Australians have worried about running out of water since before colonisation. Back then, coastal Aboriginal people turned to rivers, streams and lakes for drinking water; those inland, perhaps a mound spring or well-charged rock hole. Others may have had to […]

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The Price of Water and the Ongoing Colonization of Nature: Australian Cases in Global Context

Via MR Online, an article examining the price of water and colonization of nature in Australia: Nothing is more useful than water; but it will scarce purchase anything; scarce anything may be had in exchange for it. —Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations The water crisis results from an erroneous equation of value with monetary price. […]

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Water (In)Sovereignty: USA, China and United Kingdom Are The Largest Foreign Owners of Australian Water

Via, a report that Canada, USA, UK and China top the list of foreign owners in Australia’s water market: Key points: Foreign ownership of water in Australia grew from 4,389 GL in June 2021, to 4,503 GL in June 2022 About 11 per cent of water entitlements in Australia are owned by foreign companies A […]

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Five Steps Needed To Fix the Murray-Darling Basin Plan

Via, a look at the Murray-Darling Basin plan: The Murray Darling Basin Plan is an historic deal between state and federal governments to save Australia’s most important river system. The A$13 billion plan, inked over a decade ago, was supposed to rein in the water extracted by farmers and communities, and make sure the […]

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The Murray-Darling Basin Shows Why The ‘Social Cost of Water’ Concept Won’t Work

Via The Conversation, commentary on the ‘social cost’ of water: Access to safe, clean water is a basic human right. But water scarcity or barriers to access can cause conflict within and between countries. Fights over water can be expected to intensify as the world warms, evaporation increases and rainfall becomes less predictable. So we’ll need […]

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