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World’s Rivers are Running Dry Today

Via China Water Risk, commentary on the challenges facing many of the world’s most important rivers: Indus faced mega flood while Yangtze, Colorado, Rhine & Po suffered droughts, running dry in sections. Power (down 50% in some regions), factories & transportation disrupted Crops were destroyed but rivers also support chunks of GDP: YREB (US$5.3trn), Colorado […]

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Are ?Water Wars? Coming to Asia?

Via The Diplomat, a look at how climate change-induced water loss in the Tibetan Plateau further challenges water security from Central to Southeast Asia: A recently published study by a team of scientists from the University of Texas in Austin, Penn State, and Tsinghua University in?Nature climate change journal?found that?terrestrial water storage (TWS)?in the Qinghai-Tibet […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Drought Causes Yangtze To Shrink

Via Terra Daily, an article on the drought’s impact upon China’s Yangtze River: A record-breaking drought has caused parts of the Yangtze River to dry up – affecting hydropower, shipping routes, limiting drinking water supplies and even revealing previously submerged Buddhist statues. The Yangtze is China’s most important river, providing water to more than 400 […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China Plots Ambitious Water Infrastructure Push

Via Reuters, an article on how China – after its long drought – is plotting an ambitious water infrastructure push: After a record heatwave parched large areas of the Yangtze basin, Chinese provinces are planning to spend billions of dollars on new water infrastructure as they try to fend off the growing impact of extreme […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China?s Scorching Heat and Hydropower Missteps Test Nation?s Power Grid

Via the Wall Street Journal, an article on how the drought and Chinese officials? underestimating the recent heat wave led to ?lights out? on Shanghai?s Bund: China?s drought this month closed factories, forced commuters to ride in the dark and turned out the lights on the historic Bund walkway in central Shanghai. The?energy shortage caused […]

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World’s Rivers Drying Up From Extreme Weather

Courtesy of CNN, a look at how the world’s rivers are drying up from extreme weather from space: To be stuck “up a river without a paddle” is an expression for a sticky situation you just can’t get out of. But if that river happens to be in the northern hemisphere this summer, it’s likely […]

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