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An Impending Water Bomb in Kerala?

Via The Wall Street Journal, a report on a dam controversy that also raises serious questions about India’s federal structure and its ability to solve inter-state disputes on issues like water and rivers which do not follow regional boundaries.  As the article notes: “…On the morning of March 12, 1928, William Mulholland — the chief […]

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The Nile: Shifting Balance of Powers

Via Revolve, a look at the water security in the Nile Basin and how it can no longer be divorced from increasingly urgent issues of food security and energy supply.  As the article notes: “…In the long-running “water wars” debate the Nile has often been quoted as an example of a river basin where armed […]

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The Coming Mega Drought?

Courtesy of Scientific American, a provocative article on the uncomfortable similarities between the southwestern U.S. and Australia before its nine-year dry spell.  As the article notes: DRYING OUT IN THE U.S.: The falling water level of Lake Mead near Las Vegas has left behind a white ring of mineral deposits Image: Christopher J. Morris/Redux Pictures […]

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The Parched Tiger: India’s Water Supply At Risk

Via Terra Daily, an updated look at India’s growing water stress / scarcity issues: India’s rising population and economic growth are straining the country’s supply of water, a report from India’s Infrastructure Development Finance Co. warns. Of India’s 20 major river basins, 14 are considered water-stressed, the report from IDFC, an independent group, report said. […]

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Researchers Study Effect Of Shrinking Himalayan Glaciers On Asia’s Water Supply

Via The Denver Post, a report on a some new research examining the effect of shrinking Himalayan glaciers on Asia’s water supply: The U.S. government is deploying Colorado scientists to lead a $5.4 million effort to gauge the impact of shrinking Himalayan glaciers on water supplies across Asia. The question: Are rivers that sustain more […]

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Pakistan’s Water Crisis

Courtesy of AquaDoc’s WaterWired, a brief report on a study indicating that Pakistan is facing severe water stress in the months ahead.  As the article notes: The Water Team’s most important finding is that a water crisis is at hand in Pakistan, with the population growing exponentially while available water per capita is dropping dramatically. […]

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