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Afghan Canal Will Divert Water from Uzbekistan

Via the Times of Central Asia, an article on progress of the second phase of the Oosh Tepa Canal project: Afghanistan has begun construction of the second phase of the Qosh Tepa Canal, which will divert water from the Amu Darya River and may have an adverse effect on agriculture in downstream Uzbekistan. The Taliban announced that […]

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Arizona Communities Sink After Saudi Arabia Pumps Water Out of the State

Via The Cool Down, an article on the subsidence impact of an Emirate-owned farm’s water use in Arizona; Arizona took steps to rectify the overuse of water in October, but it is reportedly still dealing with the fallout after years’ worth of groundwater drilling.   The Copper Courier reported in December that residents of Arizona’s McMullen Valley have seen their […]

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Why the Taps Keep Running Dry In South Africa’s Biggest City

Via The Conversation, a report on Johannesburg’s water crisis: Why don’t Johannesburg citizens have enough water? The water allocation for each province is based on the amount available in the dams (which must also supply our future needs) and the number of people in that province. Currently the Vaal Dam is 70% full. Rand Water – […]

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What Will Spain Look Like When It Runs Out Of Water? Barcelona Is Giving Us A Glimpse

Via The Guardian, commentary on what Spain may look like when it runs out of water? Walking through Barcelona these days, you can’t miss the signs and billboards picturing a red plastic bucket and the message “Water doesn’t fall from the sky” (l’aigua no cau del cel in Catalan). The ads are part of a campaign to get […]

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One of the World’s Biggest Cities May be Just Months Away From Running Out of Water

Via CNN, a report that Mexico City may be just months away from running out of water: Alejandro Gomez has been without proper running water for more than three months. Sometimes it comes on for an hour or two, but only a small trickle, barely enough to fill a couple of buckets. Then nothing for many days. […]

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Humans Killed Cataract Canyon. It Brought Itself Back to Life

Courtesy of Rolling Stone, a look at how – after damming the Colorado River wiped out a magnificent stretch of rapids for half a century – they are now, incredibly, returning — on their own: THE RIVER CHURNS a muddy brown as it carries us through towering vermilion rock walls toward the roar of Gypsum Canyon […]

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