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Changes to Indus Water Treaty Could Raise Hostility Between India, Pakistan

Courtesy of The Diplomat, a look at how proposed changes to the Indus Water Treaty could raise hostility between India and Pakistan: In an unexpected development, India issued a notice to Pakistan in January to amend the 1960 Indus Water Treaty. For Pakistan’s policymakers, the Indian move is aimed at threatening Pakistan with unilateral changes to the treaty if […]

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Does Colorado Need Water-Use Standards Given Impacts of Aridification?

Via Big Pivots, a look at the tension between the fact that agriculture uses the vast majority of water in Colorado, but its cities depend upon Colorado River diversions: Let me give you a precise example of what we’re talking about. An infill housing development took shape a couple of years ago near the Arvada […]

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South Asia’s Looming Water War

Via Project Syndicate, commentary on how the Indus Waters Treaty – widely considered the world’s most generous water-sharing pact – is not meeting a “fair” standard for India, and it is in Pakistan’s interest to remedy that before more tension arises: More than six decades ago, the world’s most generous water-sharing pact was concluded. Under the Indus Waters […]

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South Sudan’s Oil and Water Give It Bargaining Power – But Will It Benefit The People?

Via The Conversation, a look at how South Sudan’s oil and water give it bargaining power – but will it benefit the people? South Sudan has long been one of east Africa’s most unstable states. But surging external interest in its resources and the diplomatic agility of its rulers are again underlining how pivotal the country remains […]

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Lessons Emerge As Seven Thirsty States War Over Colorado River Water

Via The Harvard Gazette, commentary on the Colorado River crisis where the U.S. will decide on apportionment as demand grows due to rising populations in the West and a shrinking supply due to drought: Seven Western states, which include some of the fastest-growing in the nation, get some of their water from the Colorado River. […]

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Water Shortages Threaten to Increase Violence and Disappearances in Mexico

Via Scientific American, commentary on the link between water shortages and violence in Mexico, and a call for the U.S. government to fund water-saving efforts in Mexico if it wants to quell Mexico’s drug violence: In 2006, Mexico declared war against drug traffickers in the wake of escalating inter-cartel warfare. Since then, there have been […]

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