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The Rhine: A Perfect Symbol of Our Climate Folly

Via New Republic, an article on the Rhine, German river once subjected to a massive nineteenth-century engineering project to facilitate coal transport, which now needs engineers to intervene again due to global warming partially caused by global warming related to coal transported on the mighty river: Germany is trying to save the Rhine. “Save,” in this […]

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World’s Rivers are Running Dry Today

Via China Water Risk, commentary on the challenges facing many of the world’s most important rivers: Indus faced mega flood while Yangtze, Colorado, Rhine & Po suffered droughts, running dry in sections. Power (down 50% in some regions), factories & transportation disrupted Crops were destroyed but rivers also support chunks of GDP: YREB (US$5.3trn), Colorado […]

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Historic Drought Threatens to Cripple European Trade

Via Bloomberg, a report on how – from the Rhine to the Danube – Europe’s waterways are failing at the worst possible moment as the climate crisis worsens: In the midst of an arid summer that set heat records across Europe, the continent’s rivers are evaporating. The Rhine — a pillar of the German, Dutch and […]

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Germany’s Economy Is Carried on the Rhine’s Shrinking Back

Courtesy of Foreign Policy, an article on how rivers – such as the Rhine – which are critical to transportation are drying up: “Deep river, my home is over Jordan,” the eponymous spiritual goes. The Jordan River, alas, is not very deep anymore: In recent decades, it has lost a massive 90 percent of its flow thanks […]

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