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Will Hong Kong Run Out of Water?

Via USA Today, a slightly dated but still relevant look at Hong Kong’s water challenges: If Hong Kong and water had a relationship status on Facebook, it would be “It’s complicated.” On the one hand, Hong Kong has been progressive and forward-thinking with water — it was the first city in the world to use […]

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Here’s a Look at the Water Crises That Might Be Coming to the World Soon

Courtesy of The New York Times, a look at Bangladesh – a river delta nation which is on the front line of climate change – and its coping strategies that could offer lessons for the wider world: Bangladesh is a land of water. Its silty rivers rush down from the Himalayas, spill into a filigreed maze […]

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A Thirsty New Tesla Factory Comes To a Parched Corner of Mexico

Via Rest of World, a look at a thirsty new Tesla factory coming to a parched corner of Mexico: When the taps started to run dry in March 2022, Blanca Guzmán thought she was prepared. Monterrey, in northern Mexico, was in a state of emergency due to a drought more severe than in previous years, […]

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Italy’s Parched Po Valley: The Vanishing Breadbasket

Courtesy of The Dial, an article on Italy’s Po Valley, which is rapidly drying up and threatening the nation’s traditional breadbasket: In 2022, a number of sunken curiosities began to emerge from the Po River, which runs from the French-Italian Alps and carves eastward across northern Italy, through Turin, just south of Milan and Bergamo, […]

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Humans Have Used Enough Groundwater To Shift Earth’s Tilt

Courtesy of The Washington Post, an article on a recent report that shows how pumping groundwater for drinking and irrigation has had a noticeable effect on the entire planet: Rampant removal of groundwater for drinking and irrigation has altered the distribution of water on Earth enough to shift the planet’s tilt, according to a sweeping new […]

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Solar Is Booming in the California Desert, if Water Issues Don’t Get in the Way

Via Inside Climate News, a report on how utility-scale solar farms – which are spreading rapidly across the desert Southwest – are stressing the region’s already overtaxed groundwater and communities are beginning to push back: Solar farms stretch out mile after mile along Interstate 10 around Palm Springs, creating one of the densest areas of […]

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