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Afghanistan Discusses Panjshir-Kabul Water Conduit Project

Via ATN News, a report on new Taliban discussions in Afghanistan to address the nation’s long-term drought: The Islamic Emirate’s Water Affairs Regulatory Board convened a meeting Sunday to discuss the implementation of a water conduit project for the transfer of water from Panjshir River to Kabul. The meeting was chaired by the administrative deputy […]

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Can Central Asia Engage With the Taliban Over Access To Water?

Via Real Clear World, commentary on whether Central Asia can engage with the Taliban over water: Recently, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported the progress of Afghanistan’s Qosh Tepa Irrigation Canal, $670 million, 285-kilometer canal to irrigate 550,000 hectares of land by diverting 25% of the flow of the Amu Darya River.    Irrigating northern Afghanistan has been a […]

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Navigating Water Conflict in Central Asia: The Amu Darya River and the Qosha Tepa Canal Project

Via Modern Diplomacy, an article on growing water tensions in Central Asia: In the post-Soviet era, Central Asia experienced a pronounced upsurge in geopolitical tensions, significantly shifting the focus toward the pressing matter of the water conflict between Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. At the crux of this contentious issue lies the Amu Darya River, a pivotal […]

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Iran Admits Afghanistan’s Acute Drought

Via MENA FM, a report on Iran’s acknowledgement of Afghanistan’s acute water stress: Iran’s energy minister said that after inspecting the Deh Rawood hydrometric station in Helmand province, it was confirmed that Afghanistan is facing a ‘serious’ drought. “Recently, our colleagues visited Deh Rawood hydrometric station in Helmand. This visit showed that the drought in […]

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Water: A Barrier to Central Asia’s Rise?

Via Geopolitical Futures, a look at how Central Asia’s growing role could be hampered by a long-standing problem – water scarcity: Amid growing Western pressure and changes throughout Eurasia, regions that were once considered on the Eurasian periphery are now gaining significance. Chief among them is Central Asia, a region that was historically considered part […]

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Switzerland’s Water Diplomacy

Via SwissInfo, a look at what Switzerland is doing to prevent disputes over water: Water can be a source of conflict between states, but it can also encourage cooperation. Switzerland sees water diplomacy as a long-term, incremental strategy for peace.  Will there be wars over water in the future? Dystopias evoke this as a possible scenario. […]

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