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Iran-Afghanistan Tensions Now Rising Over Water

Via Fair Observer, an article on rising tensions between Iran and Afghanistan over the Helmand River: The dispute over the Helmand River between Iran and Afghanistan is an old one. In the?1870s, when Afghanistan was still under British control, the border between the neighbors was drawn along the main branch of the river. Helmand is […]

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Afghanistan?s Kamal Khan Dam and the Helmand River Treaty

Via The Diplomat a look at the controversy over?Afghanistan?s Kamal Khan Dam despite the fact that the?Helmand River Treaty nor customary international law denies Afghanistan the right to construct dams over the Helmand River: The opening of the Kamal Khan Dam in March 2021 reignited an old dispute between Iran and Afghanistan over the allocation […]

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Forgotten Droughts: Five Regions That Could Soon Face Conflict Over Water

Via EuroNews, a look at?five regions of the world which could soon face conflict over water: Millions of people in ‘neglected’ regions could soon face violent conflict over water, according to an early warning tool developed by the Water Peace and Security partnership. News cameras turned to Europe this summer as the continent sweltered through […]

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The Parched Tiger: 80% Water Loss Projected In Indus Basin Due To Climate Change

Via The New Indian Express, an article on the staggering?80 per cent water loss projected in the Indus basin by mid-century due to climate change: An irreversible decline in freshwater storage projected in parts of Asia due to climate change could impact 2 billion people living downstream of the Tibetan Plateau as it could pose […]

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Tapped Out: Central Asia Might Completely Run Out of Freshwater by 2060

Via Daily Beast, a report on the challenging water future facing Central Asia: The impact of climate change is typically about extremes?and, sometimes, conflicting ones. On the one hand, upticks in global temperatures are expected to?melt more glaciers and ice shelves?and lead to a dangerous rise in sea levels. On the other hand, we can […]

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Afghan Water Reaches Iran

Via The Frontier Post, an article on large volumes of water sent from Afghanistan to Iran: Iranian officials stated that large volumes of Helmand river water released by Afghanistan gushed through the Kamal Khan Dam, and flowed into Iran in the country?s Chah-Nimeh water wells in the Sistan region. Hassan Kazemi Qomi, the Islamic Republic […]

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