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Mighty Mississippi – America’s Water Highway – Is Dangerously Low

Via Terra Daily, an article on the Mississippi River, which is dangerously low: In the middle of the shrunken Mississippi, a barge drags a giant metal-edged suction head along the riverbed to remove sediment from shipping lanes.The crew of the dustpan dredge Hurley has been working around-the-clock for months to deepen the channels so boats […]

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Saltwater in the Mississippi Threatens Water Supply in New Orleans

Courtesy of The New York Times, a report on how wxtreme heat and low rainfall in the Midwest this summer caused the river level to plummet, making it vulnerable to a saltwater “wedge” from the Gulf of Mexico: Drought-like conditions in the Midwest over the summer have created a growing water problem in the New […]

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Dry States’ Interest In Mississippi River Water

Via AP News, an article on some U.S. “dry” states’ interest in Mississippi River water: Mayors from cities along the river are expected to vote on whether to support a new compact among the river’s 10 states at this week’s annual meeting of the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative, according to its executive director […]

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Import Water To New Mexico?

Via the Albuquerque Journal, commentary on the many challenges to the idea of interbasin transfer in the United States: Two recent op-ed pieces have proposed that the solution to future water challenges involve interbasin transfer of water from the Mississippi River basin (Sunday Journal, Sept. 18, 2022) to New Mexico or, far more ambitiously, pump […]

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Mississippi River: 24/7 Drought-Driven Dredging No Longer Needed

Via Business Insider, an article on how the 24/7 dredging of the Mississippi River that has been ongoing since summer 2022 may finally be coming to an end: The US Army Corps of Engineers has been dredging the Mississippi River 24/7 since July. Drought along the Mississippi has dropped water levels to lows that haven’t been seen in […]

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Drought Strangling The Mighty Mississippi

Via The Washington Post, a look at the drought strangling the mighty Mississippi: Sandra Nelson crouched at a spot of riverbed that would normally be deep underwater, gathering rocks and jars of soil as souvenirs. Nearby, a man with a metal detector roamed the barren ground for treasures at twilight. A father carried his daughter on […]

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