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Access to Groundwater To Unlock Sustainable Solutions for the Horn of Africa

Via UNDP, an announcement of a new initiative related to groundwater in the Horn of Africa: A new initiative called the Africa Groundwater Access Facility (GaFa) has been launched today to address water scarcity affecting millions in the Horn of Africa. The Horn of Africa is a region characterized by significant water scarcity, resulting from […]

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Climate Change Puts Pressure on Kenya’s Water Resources

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a look at the impact that climate change is having upon Kenya’s water resources: Steve Macharia leans down to his pond and scoops up water in his palms. He lets it run through his fingers. “This water pan has changed my life,” the farmer says. He surveys it and one […]

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When Economists Shut Off Your Water

Via Africa As A Country, commentary on water accessibility and pricing in Kenya: Access to water in Nairobi is horribly unequal. The World Bank, Nairobi Water Company, and development economists exploited this unjust context to treat poor Kenyans like guinea pigs. The following account is based on ethnographic research that Adrian Wilson, Irene Nduta, and […]

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Drought In East Africa Was Caused by Climate Change

Via Inside Climate News, an article on recent studies that show that East Africa’s current drought was caused by climate change: A group of scientists have concluded that a devastating drought in the Horn of Africa, where tens of millions of people and animals have been pushed into starvation, would not have happened without the influence of […]

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South Sudan’s Oil and Water Give It Bargaining Power – But Will It Benefit The People?

Via The Conversation, a look at how South Sudan’s oil and water give it bargaining power – but will it benefit the people? South Sudan has long been one of east Africa’s most unstable states. But surging external interest in its resources and the diplomatic agility of its rulers are again underlining how pivotal the country remains […]

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Forgotten Droughts: Five Regions That Could Soon Face Conflict Over Water

Via EuroNews, a look at five regions of the world which could soon face conflict over water: Millions of people in ‘neglected’ regions could soon face violent conflict over water, according to an early warning tool developed by the Water Peace and Security partnership. News cameras turned to Europe this summer as the continent sweltered through […]

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