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Kinshasa: Running On Scarce and Dirty Water

Via Terra Daily, a report on Kinshasa’s scarce and dirty water: Most mornings, Ariette Oto clambers up a winding, precipitous path to the top of a ravine on the periphery of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s sprawling capital.There, the mother of five fills her 25-litre (6.5-gallon) jerrycan with water, pays 150 Congolese francs (six US […]

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Egypt Visits DRC (Chair of African Union) To Discuss Cooperation

Via Al Monitor, an article on a recent visit of the Egyptian water minister to the Democratic Republic of the Congo which is currently chairing the African Union, which is mediating on the dispute over Ethiopia’s dam on the Nile River: Egypt’s water minister visited the Democratic Republic of the Congo on Thursday. Congo is currently chairing […]

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