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Perils of ‘Water Wars’ in Central Asia

Via Jamestown Foundation’s Eurasia Daily Monitor, commentary on Central Asian water tension: On November 3, Uzbekistani Foreign Minister Vladimir Norov and his Kyrgyzstani counterpart Jeenbek Kulubaev signed a bilateral deal in Bishkek, under which Kyrgyzstan agreed to cede to Tashkent the territory surrounding the Kempir-Abad Reservoir, covering 4,485 hectares, in exchange for over 19,000 hectares […]

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The Thirsty Dragon and Parched Tiger: Between India And China, A River At The Centre Of Power Politics

Via Outlook India , a report on how the border dispute and low levels of trust between China and India have prevented a water-sharing treaty or a more formalized water management system for the Brahmaputra river, of the sort that exists in the Nile, Mekong, or Danube basins: Just a few days after the Chinese […]

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‘Full-On Crisis’: California’s Central Valley Groundwater Disappearing at Alarming Rate

Via The Los Angeles Times, a report on California’s Central Valley groundwater crisis: Scientists have discovered that the pace of groundwater depletion in California’s Central Valley has accelerated dramatically during the drought as heavy agricultural pumping has drawn down aquifer levels to new lows and now threatens to devastate the underground water reserves. The research […]

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Cambodia Seeks UNESCO World Heritage Status to Protect Mekong’s Biodiversity From Chinese Dam

Via The Diplomat, an article on Cambodia’s efforts to protect Mekong biodiversity from the threat of a Chinese dam: A bold Cambodian plan to secure World Heritage status along their stretch of the Mekong, where the free-flowing river has sustained some of the world’s greatest biodiversity, could provide much-needed respite to a river in danger of dying from dams and […]

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The Thirsty Dragon and Parched Tiger: Transboundary Water Governance is a Regional Security Issue in Asia

Courtesy of The Diplomat, a look at how careful management of Asia’s hydropower resources is essential to ensure its positive impacts on climate change and avoid transboundary river conflicts: The Tibetan Plateau and the surrounding Hindu Kush-Himalayan regions, also known as the “Asian water tower,” is the source of 10 major Asian rivers. Abundant glacier ice […]

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Israeli Plan To Top Up Sea of Galilee with Desalinated Water

Via The Times of Israel, a report on Israel’s pioneering plan to top up the Sea of Galilee with desalinated water to maintain levels of the nation’s largest freshwater lake even in parched years: Water authorities on Tuesday inaugurated an innovative project to pipe desalinated water into the Sea of Galilee in order to maintain […]

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