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One Of The World’s Great Lakes Is Vanishing – and Leaving Toxic Dust In Its Wake

Via The Independent, a report on the Great Salt Lake, the largest saline lake in the western hemisphere, which is at risk of disappearing in just five years: Some things are so precious, so essential for the common good, they cannot be bought or sold. They fall, instead, to the public trust, a doctrine of […]

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The Race to Save the Great Salt Lake

Via Mother Jones, a look at the race to save the Great Salt Lake: In October 2021, an increasingly dire megadrought had left Utah’s most famous lake at its lowest level in recorded history. As Great Salt Lake lay dying, Democrats introduced a modest water conservation bill requiring efficient plumbing fixtures in all new construction, […]

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Could a 550-Mile Pipeline From the Ocean Save the Great Salt Lake?

Via Smithsonian Magazine, a report on new research suggesting that the electricity costs would exceed $300 million per year and carbon dioxide emissions could approach one million metric tons annually from a proposed 550-mile pipeline to save the Great Salt Lake: A 550-mile pipeline pumping water from the Pacific Ocean to the rapidly depleting Great […]

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Can Farmers Save the Great Salt Lake?

Via Reasons To Be Cheerful, a look at how farmers are doing their part by choosing to do more with less to help solve Utah’s water crisis: The Bear River flows out of Wyoming’s Uinta Mountains, winding 350 miles through sagebrush meadows and agricultural fields in Idaho and Utah before it fans out into wetlands […]

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Its Promised Land Drying, Mormon Church Works To Save The Great Salt Lake

Courtesy of The Washington Post, an article on how the Mormon Church is activating to save the Great Salt Lake: The valley here was shades of brown, its vast saline lake shimmering, when Brigham Young first surveyed the landscape in 1847 and recognized a place he had seen in a vision: a spot to make the […]

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Granting Rights to Great Salt Lake: A Debate

Via the National Review, commentary against the idea of granting rights to Great Salt Lake: The nature rights movement keeps making inroads into establishment thinking — and people keep ignoring the threat. The concept has now been advocated in a major opinion piece in the New York Times. Utah’s Great Salt Lake is shrinking — a […]

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