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Its Promised Land Drying, Mormon Church Works To Save The Great Salt Lake

Courtesy of The Washington Post, an article on how the Mormon Church is activating to save the Great Salt Lake: The valley here was shades of brown, its vast saline lake shimmering, when Brigham Young first surveyed the landscape in 1847 and recognized a place he had seen in a vision: a spot to make the […]

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Granting Rights to Great Salt Lake: A Debate

Via the National Review, commentary against the idea of granting rights to Great Salt Lake: The nature rights movement keeps making inroads into establishment thinking — and people keep ignoring the threat. The concept has now been advocated in a major opinion piece in the New York Times. Utah’s Great Salt Lake is shrinking — a […]

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Great Salt Lake: In Danger Of Disappearing

Courtesy of the New York Times, commentary on the drought threatening the Great Salt Lake: From a distance, it is hard to tell whether the three figures walking the salt playa are human, bird or some other animal. Through binoculars, I see they are pelicans, juveniles, gaunt and emaciated without water or food. In feathered […]

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Will Mormons Save The Great Salt Lake?

Via The Washington Post, an interesting look at the convergence of religion, conservation, and water: Overuse of water compounded by a decades-long Western megadrought threatens the survival of Utah’s Great Salt Lake. North America’s largest saline lake has lost 73 percent of its water and 60 percent of its surface area compared with its average […]

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