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Russian Control of Central Asian Dams “Risks Full Conflict With Uzbekistan”

Via Ooska News, a look at Central Asian water tensions: Russia’s support for upstream Kyrgyzstan in its dispute with downstream Uzbekistan over water resources in Central Asia will strain Russian-Uzbek relations, according to an Uzbek expert. During a visit to the region last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered support to Kyrgyzstan in its conflict […]

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Time for a 21st Century U.S. Water Policy

Courtesy of The Huffington Post, an article on the need for a 21st century water policy in the U.S.: At first glance, threats to the nation’s freshwater might seem less urgent and less important than many of the other economic and foreign policy challenges facing our politicians and policymakers. After all, clean and inexpensive water […]

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Scarce Water Threatens Lima’s Growth

Via MarketWatch, an article examining the impact of water scarcity on Lima’s growth: Growing constraints on water in Lima are threatening to derail business activity in the Peruvian capital, a key hub of the country’s decade-long economic boom. Water provisions in Lima, the world’s second-biggest desert city after Cairo, Egypt, are stretched due to increasing […]

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U.S. Water Diversion Plan Draws Comparisons With China’s South-North Project

Via China Dialogue, an interesting comparison of a California plan to China’a massive south-north diversion project: Plans for a major water diversion plan in California have been criticised as a political gamble that benefits agribusiness and farmers at the expense of the environment.   California’s governor Jerry Brown is facing mounting obstacles to his 50-year […]

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Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan Call for “Conscious” Water Use

Via Tengri News, a report on Central Asia water tensions: Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan have asked their neighbors to consciously use common water resources. “The talks covered establishment of a mechanism of joint use of water-energy resources in Central Asian region and activation of the international fund for saving the Aral Sea. This issue is very […]

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World Is At Risk Of “Water Bankruptcy,” Warns UN

Courtesy of OOSKA News, an article on the UN’s concerns over global water shortages: Many parts of the globe are facing “water bankruptcy,” as human and ecologically induced pressures accelerate depletion of river basins, lakes, aquifers and wetlands, according to a new UN report. The new report, “Science-Policy Bridges over Troubled Waters,” produced by the […]

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