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Mekong Hydropower Projects Will Accumulate 16 Percent Of River’s Water

Courtesy of OOSKA News, an article on the potential impact that hydropower projects planned within the Mekong River basin could have upon flows: If the hydropower projects planned within the Mekong River basin are completed, they will accumulate as much as 16 percent of the river’s water volume, or 475 billion cubic meters a year, […]

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Mexico: Potential Drought Crisis In Coming Months

Via OOSKA News, an article on Mexico’s water crisis: Mexico could face a crisis due to drought and lack of water supply in the next few months, a Mexican legislator warned last week. Kamel Athié Flores, president of the Potable Water and Sanitation Committee for Mexico’s Congress of the Union (Mexico’s legislative branch), said the […]

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Coming Water Wars (2)?

Via Credit Writedown, commentary on the possibility of water wars in the years ahead: Water is not scarce. It is made up of the first and third most common elements in the universe, and the two readily react to form a highly stable compound that maintains its integrity even at temperature extremes. Hydrologist Dr. Vincent […]

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Coming Water Wars?

Via CNN’s Global Public Square, a look at the possibility of water wars: Imagine a large body of water – about the size of the Dead Sea – simply disappearing. It sounds like a science fiction movie. But it’s not. It’s happening in real life – and we’ve only just found out. A pioneering study […]

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Tajikistan Negotiating To Resolve Central Asian Water Feud

Via Bloomberg, an article on Tajikistan’s efforts to strike an agreement with its neighbors over water use: Tajikistan, which will host a United Nations summit on international water in August, is negotiating with neighbors to end a feud in the Amu Darya River basin where it plans to build the tallest hydroelectric dam. Efforts by […]

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Who Owns The Nile? Egypt, Sudan, And Ethiopia’s History-Changing Dam

Courtesy of Origins, an article on arguments over control of the Nile: Emperor Haile Selassie was offended by President Nasser’s exclusion of Ethiopia in the Nile Waters Agreement and in planning for building the Aswan Dam. He negotiated the 1959 divorce of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church from the Orthodox Church in Alexandria, ending 1600 years […]

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