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The Thirsty Dragon: Olympics Water Diversion Causing Olympian Problems

As recently reported by The Financial Times, the diversion of water to Beijing for the Olympics and for big hydropower projects threatens the lives of millions of peasant farmers in China’s north-western provinces.  According to the senior Chinese government official quoted in the report, Beijing will need an estimated 300m cubic metres of additional water […]

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Southeastern U.S. Water Wars

As reported in a number of publications, including The New York Times, the water “war” between Tennessee and Georgia has been brought closer to a boiling point by Georgia’s recent legislative attempt to move the border north so the drought-plagued state can tap into the Tennessee River.  According to some legislators, Georgia – under this […]

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A Myriad of Small Leaks May Lead to a Deluge of Water Wars in The Middle East

An interesting article in today’s Arabian Business online edition which emphasized that the Middle East is facing the threat of a ‘water war’ unless Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq address their huge water wastage problems. An industry expert with the specialist water group Metito warned that water leakages in these four countries run at […]

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Lake Mead May Go Dry By 2021: “We are beyond the sustainable limit of the Colorado system”

According to a recent study as reported by CNET News, there is a 50 percent chance that Lake Mead – created by the Hoover Dam and the Colorado River – will go dry by 2021 because of escalating human demand and climate change.  As noted by the authors:  “Today, we are at or beyond the […]

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Georgia Comes Up Dry: Water Rights (and Wars) in the Southeast U.S.

As recently reported in The Wall Street Journal, there’s a new chapter in the southeast U.S. water wars and it is raising questions about whether Atlanta can keep growing during a record drought. As we’ve discussed on this blog previously, Georgia, Alabama and Florida have been suing each other over water for 18 years. Yesterday, […]

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Water Politics in the Horn of Africa & The Rest of the Continent

Our recent post related to Lake Victoria encouraged us to look more closely at water politics in the Horn of Africa, and we came across this interesting analysis of the Jubba and Shabelle river basins which are located in this water scarce region also fraught with recurrent droughts, devastating floods, a growing population, interlocking conflicts, […]

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