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In A Thirsty World, ‘Luxury Water’ Becomes Fashionable Among The Elite

Courtesy of AP News, a look at how – as more of the world thirsts – luxury water is becoming fashionable among the elite: Monsoon rains have finally passed and floods blocking the lone dirt road have retreated enough for a small truck to climb these Himalayan foothills to a gurgling spring. It spews water […]

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Tensions Boil: Turkey, Northern Cyprus And Greek-Cypriots Argue Over Water Pipeline

Via Future Directions International, a report on increasing tensions related to management of the Northern Cyprus water pipeline: Background In August, the Northern Cyprus Water Supply Project began transferring water from Turkey to Northern Cyprus. In a bid to increase water security to drought-prone Cyprus, this water pipeline has been heralded as a major step […]

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Peak Water In Cyprus Piques Social Tensions

Courtesy of The BBC, an interesting report on the water tensions between Turkish and Greek communities in Cyprus.  As the article notes: “…We are in Nicosia, one of Europe’s last divided cities, and the focus of a bitter and bloody feud between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. It goes back to 1974, when the island […]

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A Peace Pipe(line) Providing Water To Cyprus?

Via MinnPost, an interesting look at the potential that a water shortage and a proposed pipeline could help bring peace to Cyprus.  As the article notes: “…When Cyprus lay dry and parched with drought in 2008, Senol Akmehmet had to buy water shipped in by truck to keep his goats and sheep alive. He couldn’t […]

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Greece To Sell Water to Cyprus

As reported by Terra Daily, Greece has signed a deal with Cyprus to sell eight million cubic metres (280 million cubic feet) of water to the drought-hit island. According to the article: “…Cyprus is facing a major drought problem and asked for our help,” Greek Environment and Public Works Minister George Souflias told reporters. “We […]

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