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Energy, Cash and Climate Shape Talks Over the Giant Itaipu Dam

Via Dialogue Earth, an article on how – after 50 years – the treaty on Brazil and Paraguay’s shared dam is up for renewal. A deal is close, but frictions and questions for the future remain: As Paraguay’s new president Santiago Peña took office in 2023, another milestone was being reached at the nation’s eastern […]

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Amazon: A River In Flux

Via Inside Climate News, a report on the Amazon River, where extreme flooding and droughts may be the new norm, challenging its people and ecosystems: Jochen Schöngart darts back and forth along an escarpment just above the Amazon River, a short water taxi ride from downtown Manaus, Brazil. It’s still early this October morning in […]

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Brazil-Bolivia Dam Reignites Debates on Hydropower in the Amazon

Via Diálogo Chino, a look at how communities have pushed back on a proposed Ribeirão dam, a joint initiative by Brazil and Bolivia on the Madeira River, decrying dams’ impacts and seeking alternatives in solar: On a hot August day in the city of Guajará-Mirim, in Brazil’s Rondônia state, more than 140 people packed into a […]

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A Severe Drought Pushes an Imperiled Amazon to the Brink

Courtesy of the New York Times, a sobering report on the Amazon – a rainforest that holds a fifth of the world’s fresh water, but deforestation, dwindling rain and unrelenting heat are sucking it dry: The planet’s biggest freshwater tank is in trouble. The Amazon rainforest, where a fifth of the world’s freshwater flows, is reeling from […]

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Amazon Drought Cuts River Traffic, Leaves Communities Without Water

Via Mongabay, a report on Brazil’s Amazon drought: Falling water levels in the rivers and lakes of the Brazilian Amazon are restricting the flow of ships and boats, the main form of transport in the region and the only means of access to health and education facilities for many communities. This year’s drought is exacerbated […]

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Water, Not Lithium, Is The Resource Latin America Should Worry About

Via Rest of World, commentary on how water, not lithium, is the resource Latin America should worry about: As fires, storms, and heat ravage large swathes of the planet, the world seems to have ramped up its efforts to address climate change. At the heart of this drive is the emergence of “climate tech” — a […]

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