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Water Politics Limited is one of the world’s leading global water-related geopolitical risk advisory and consulting firms. We cover environmental, political, social, security and economic developments worldwide as they relate to the scarcity of, competition over, and sharing of limited freshwater resources. Water Politics delivers critical knowledge and independent analysis on strategic water issues, geopolitics, industry trends, and strategy.

Our coverage is organized into five geographic practices – Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East & Africa, and North America – as well as a Transnational Issues Group. We offer our clients Advisory Services, Publications and Tailored Consulting, as well as direct access to Water Politics analysts. Our analytical team covers geopolitical water developments and their impact on business and financial markets on a daily basis.

Water Politics Limited is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Montgomery Simus, Founder and President

Educated at Yale University (Bachelor of Arts – Environmental History) and Harvard (Master in Public Policy – International Development), Mr. Simus has more than a decade of experience living, working, and traveling in more than forty countries spanning Africa, China, western Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast & Central Asia. Prior to his founding of Water Politics, Mr. Simus undertook projects in a variety of consulting and line functions for a number of the world’s leading technology, finance, and energy corporations, including EDS, Oracle, Business Objects, Lehman Brothers, HSBC, and AES. In addition to his work at Water Politics, Mr. Simus also moderates several blogs focused on both economic and environmental resource issues.

Possessing a keen interest in business, the environment, policy, and economic development of emerging economies, Mr. Simus observed during his travels that water issues are most often examined on a local or – at best – national level. Such analyses are important, but it is Mr. Simus’belief that water issues must be considered from a strategic, macro perspective to better understand the conflicts they may trigger and – more importantly – the solutions that may be developed. Thus, in 2007, Mr. Simus founded Water Politics, an organization dedicated to the identification and analysis of geopolitical water issues arising from the world’s growing and vast water deficits.


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