Conflict Flowing Down River: The Water War Between U.S. and Mexico
Via The Week, an article on rising water tensions between the U.S. and Mexico: The U.S. and Mexico are experiencing [...]
India-Pakistan Water Cooperation Returns to Kashmir
Via The Diplomat, a report on a hydroelectric inspection which signals increased India-Pakistan engagement amid climate concerns: In a significant [...]
Looking Beneath The Surface: Does Arizona Have Enough Water?
Via NPR, an article on Arizona’s water picture: Brett Fleck does not have an easy job. He manages water for [...]
River Ethics and Management
Via China Daily, commentary on river ethics and management: The world faces a grave water crisis, both in magnitude and [...]
‘Water Grabs’ Pose Big Threat to Farmers Amid Water Crises In South America
Via Mongabay, a report on ‘water grabs’ posing a big threat to farmers amid water crises in South America: A [...]
The Thirsty Dragon: Central China Farmers Face Crop Failures In ‘Withering’ Drought
Via Terra Daily, a report on central China’s drought: Farmer Bao Mingchen gestured to a dry pipe where water typically [...]

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