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Water Shortages Threaten to Increase Violence and Disappearances in Mexico

Via Scientific American, commentary on the link between water shortages and violence in Mexico, and a call for the U.S. government to fund water-saving efforts in Mexico if it wants to quell Mexico?s drug violence: In 2006, Mexico declared war against drug traffickers in the wake of escalating inter-cartel warfare. Since then, there have been […]

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Breaking the Brazos

Courtesy of Inside Climate News, an article on how development is threatening the “River of the Arms of God” from end to end: Few rivers can claim as strong a connection to Texas? natural and cultural history?and its very identity?as the Brazos. It drains the second-largest river basin in Texas, meandering for 840 miles from […]

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Restoring An Ancient Lake From Rubble of Unfinished Airport in Mexico City

Via MIT Technology Review, a report on how plans?for Mexico’s $1 billion Lake Texcoco Ecological Park reflect a new paradigm in urban design: REUTERS/CARLOS JASSO VIA ALAMY When the Mexica people left their ancestral land of Aztl?n in search of a new home, they were following orders from the sun god Huitzilopochtli. In 1325, the […]

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Northern Mexico’s Historic Water Shortage in Summer 2022

Courtesy of The Washington Post, a report on Mexico’s historic summer 2022 drought: Water has become a sacred commodity in northern Mexico. Reservoirs have been hitting the bottom of their basins. Taps have been?running dry for millions of people in the city of Monterrey, where the water shortage was called a matter of national security. […]

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Researchers Solve One of U.S. / Mexico’s Biggest Water Puzzles

Via High Country News, a?report on the number of groundwater aquifers the United States and Mexico officially share along their border. A lack of consensus over what qualifies as an aquifer has made regulating these transboundary waters nearly impossible: The U.S. and Mexico share underground water basins that span more than 121,500 square miles of […]

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Amid Drought, Arizona Contemplates Piping In Water From Mexico

Courtesy of The Washington Post, a look?at how Arizona – amidst drought – is considering piping in water from Mexico: Arizona?s newly expanded water finance board had met only?three?times. The state authority had no director. Nor had it made a public call for water projects to boost Arizona?s dwindling water supplies from the?Colorado River.? But […]

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