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Mexico City’s Water ‘Day Zero’ May Come Even for the Wealthiest Residents

Courtesy of The Washington Post, an article on Mexico City’s water crisis: Raquel Campos’ water issues started in January, when her condo building’s manager sent residents a message saying that the city hadn’t delivered water to its cistern. Four days later, taps in the upscale residence went dry. Campos has lived in the wealthy Polanco […]

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As Reservoirs Go Dry, Mexico City and Bogotá Stare Down ‘Day Zero’

Via Grist, a report on Mexico City and Bogotá which are both staring down ‘Day Zero’ and what they can learn from Cape Town, which beat a water crisis in 2018: In Mexico City, more and more residents are watching their taps go dry for hours a day. Even when water does flow, it often […]

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Mexico City Has Long Thirsted for Water. The Crisis Is Worsening.

Courtesy of The New York Times, an article on how a system of dams and canals may soon be unable to provide water to one of the world’s largest cities, a confluence of unchecked growth, crumbling infrastructure and a changing climate: A collision of climate change, urban sprawl and poor infrastructure has pushed Mexico City […]

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A Water War Is Starting To Boil Between U.S. and Mexico

Via The Washington Post, a report on water tensions between the U.S. and Mexico in south Texas, where a water shortage killed the sugar industry and could slow growth in booming border towns: A water dispute between the United States and Mexico that goes back decades is turning increasingly urgent in Texas communities that rely […]

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Will Mexico City Run Out of Water?

Via Scientific American, a report on Mexico City’s water crisis: The global press recently warned that as early as June 2024, Mexico City, home to 22 million people, could face “Day Zero—the complete loss of fresh water at the taps. The situation on the ground, although dire, is more nuanced. “Day Zero is a bit […]

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Water Scarcity Hurting South Texas and North Mexico

Via BorderReport, an article on the growing impact of water scarcity in south Texas and north Mexico: The South Texas border town of Mission is known as the “Home of the Grapefruit.” But the sight of grapefruit, lemon and orange groves could soon be no more as water scarcity is beginning to affect the citrus […]

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