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Water Depletion: A Pivotal Concern In Mexico’s 2024 Election

Via Circle of Blue, a look at the growing importance of water in Mexico’s 2024 election: Serious drought and poor water management in Mexico is forcing millions of people all over the country to ration or recycle water for drinking and bathing. Of the country’s 32 states, 30 are experiencing dire water shortages, leading to big street protests.  […]

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Mexico City Residents Protest Water Shortage As Ex-Civil Protection Head Urges ‘Prioritizing Survival Actions’

Via The Independent, a look at growing unrest over Mexico’s water shortages: According to the Mexican government, for more than 40 years, the Cutzamala System has been the main source of water supply for the Mexican capital and the metropolitan area; now, the supply of this vital liquid could be endangered SIGN UP I would […]

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Supreme Court to Resolve Decade-Old Rio Grande Water Dispute

Via Bloomberg Law, an article on the U.S. Supreme Court agreement to resolve a decade-old Rio Grande water dispute: ‘Original jurisdiction’ case involves 1930’s Rio Grande Compact US opposes settlement between Colorado, New Mexico, Texas The US Supreme Court has agreed to resolve a water dispute involving the Rio Grande River that’s been pending at […]

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In Mexico, Xalapa’s Chronic Water Scarcity Reflects a Deepening National Crisis

Via Mongabay, a look at how – in Mexico – Xalapa’s chronic water scarcity reflects a deepening national crisis Residents of Xalapa, the capital of Veracruz, Mexico, have been struggling with a worsening water shortage that often leaves people without daily access to household water for washing. The problem is nationwide, in 30 of 32 […]

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Murder, Drought and Peyote: The Deadly Struggle for Mexico’s Water

Via The Guardian, an article on how the twin menaces of mining and agribusiness threaten water supplies and a sacred way of life in Mexico: Every year, members of Mexico’s Indigenous Wixárika people make an arduous 800km (500-mile) pilgrimage from San Andrés Cohamiata in the highlands of Jalisco to the semi-arid desert of San Luis Potosí. Their […]

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Mexico’s Water Crisis: Challenges and Solutions

Via Smart Water Magazine, a look at Mexico’s water crisis: The water situation in Mexico has become an urgent challenge affecting millions of people across the country, from Mexico City to metropolitan and rural areas. The scarcity of potable water has become a growing threat that demands immediate attention and effective solutions. This article delves […]

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