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Squeezing Communities Dry: Water Grabbing By The Global Food Industry

Via GRAIN, a look at how pension fund managers, private equity firms and other financial players are moving aggressively to snatch up lands around the world with access to water for irrigation. Their strategy is to pump as much water as they can and as fast as they can into the production of crops, like […]

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Groundwater: Transboundary Aquifers Between U.S. and Mexico

Via the Permanent Forum on Binational Waters, a look at fresh research highlighting the significance of groundwater in the context of transboundary aquifers between Mexico and the United States: Water has emerged as a precious resource, increasingly scarce, making the understanding and management of groundwater, especially at borders, all the more crucial. This is why […]

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Tijuana, Reliant on the Colorado River, Faces a Water Crisis

Via Associated Press, a video look at Tijuana’s water crisis: Tijuana, a bustling border city in northwestern Mexico, is experiencing a severe water crisis due to dwindling supplies from the Colorado River, population growth, and aging infrastructure. For many citizens, water trucks or “pipas” are the only source of drinking water, their route extending with each passing […]

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Navigating Mexico’s Water Challenges

Via AquaTech Trade, a report on Mexico’s water challenges: Mexico is currently facing a series of formidable water challenges that have been exacerbated by a historic heatwave and extended drought. The nation’s water resources are strained due to a combination of factors, including climate change-induced shifts in weather patterns, unsustainable agricultural practices, and urban expansion. […]

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Water Scarcity Is No Longer Just a Crisis; It’s a Permanent Critical Condition

Via The National Digest, a discussion on water scarcity: One of the most significant impacts of global warming is the reduction of water availability around the world. According to the United Nations, 26% of the world’s population does not have access to safe drinking water and 46% lack access to basic sanitation. Only 0.5% of the […]

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Drought Impacts Half of Mexicans

Via 24 Horas, a report on Mexico’s water crisis: The water crisis is here to stay and it will only get worse if the consumption habits of industry, agriculture and the population do not turn around, while currently 49% of Mexicans face some condition of drought . This was explained by specialists consulted by 24 HOURS , who assured that factors such as climate change […]

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