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Iraq: Ravaged by Conflict, Corruption and Water Scarcity

Via Future Directions International, a report on Iraq’s water scarcity problems: The Iraqi Government has revealed plans to halve the irrigated area it plants with wheat and other winter grains. Cereal production for 2018 is predicted to be 4.3 million tonnesbelow average. The decision comes in response to water shortages that have helped to drive months of protests in southern […]

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In Afghanistan, Villagers are Fleeing Not Just War But Drought

Via The Washington Post, an article on Afghanistan’s water crisis: Between a sandy cliff and cracked riverbed on the edge of this small provincial capital, 380 families are camped in a cluster of hand-sewn, sun-bleached tents, waiting for rain and peace to let them return to their ancestral villages. But across drought-stricken, war-torn Badghis province […]

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The Parched Tiger: India’s Ganges Running Out Of Water

Via Asia Times, a report on how groundwater input to the Ganges River has declined by 50% during the summer over recent decades, a dwindling flow that could severely affect the availability of water for irrigation and cause potential declines in food production: A study forecasts that in the absence of interventions, groundwater contribution to Ganga […]

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Liquidity Crisis – Does Asia Have Enough Water To Develop?

Via China Water Risk, a detailed look at Asia’s water crisis: Asia faces serious and urgent water challenges ahead. Already today, two of its most populous countries, India and China, are water stressed and rampant water pollution from decades of rapid development has only further exacerbated water scarcity. Meanwhile, across the continent, water infrastructure, albeit […]

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The Parched Tiger: Delhi’s Plan to Overcome Polluted Water Supplies

Via Future Directions International, a report on Delhi’s plan to overcome polluted and increasingly scarce water supplies: Delhi, the land-locked capital of India, is facing acute water shortages that have sparked several protests in recent months. Delhi has little access to freshwater and gets its main supplies from a river controlled by neighbouring cities. This, […]

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As Andean Glaciers Retreat, So Does Regional Security

Via the Wilson Center’s New Security Beat, a look at the impact retreating glaciers is having upon water – and overall – security in South America: Last month, Bolivia filed a counterclaim against Chile in the International Court of Justice—the latest salvo in their battle over rights to the waters of the Silala River. The court will decide […]

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