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Water, Not Lithium, Is The Resource Latin America Should Worry About

Via Rest of World, commentary on how water, not lithium, is the resource Latin America should worry about: As fires, storms, and heat ravage large swathes of the planet, the world seems to have ramped up its efforts to address climate change. At the heart of this drive is the emergence of “climate tech” — a […]

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This Machine Runs on Water: Lithium in Latin America

Via Geopolitical Monitor, a look at the water usage and water pollution problem associated with South America’s lithium industry: Lithium is the next big mining boom given that the mineral can be utilized for lithium batteries which are currently, and for the foreseeable future, in high demand as the world craves green energy. South America […]

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Argentina’s Epic Drought Is Pushing Economic Crisis to New Extremes

Courtesy of Bloomberg, a report on the significant impact of Argentina’s drought which has left almost half the annual soy crop ruined: Argentina’s record drought is worsening inflation and sending the peso to new lows, undermining the ruling party ahead of October presidential elections that could portend a dramatic swing in the country’s political direction.  […]

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Argentina’s Farmers Can’t Afford a Drought

Via Geopolitical Futures, an article on Argentina’s drought-driven challenges: Argentina is infamous for its economic malaise, but once a year, from March through May, it gets a reprieve. This is when agricultural exports bring in foreign exchange that Buenos Aires badly needs to carry the economy through the rest of the year. In 2023, however, […]

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Long, Costly Drought Drives Climate Crisis Home in Argentina

Via IPS News, a report on Argentina’s drought: Martín Rapetti, a fourth generation farmer in the province of Corrientes in northeastern Argentina, has already lost more than 30 cows due to lack of food and water, as a result of the long drought that is plaguing a large part of the country. “There is no […]

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Argentina’s Paraná River Drops to 77-Year Low

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, a report on Argentina’s Paraná River: The Paraná River stretches through the heart of central South America, arising in Brazil and extending over 3,000 miles through Paraguay and Argentina. The continent’s second-longest river behind the Amazon, the Paraná is a workhorse, supporting rainforest diversity, Indigenous ancestral homes, and Argentina’s economy: over […]

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