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Achieving Water Security Instead of Water Scarcity

The August issue of Scientific American offers a very good article on the impending freshwater crisis facing the globe.  As the report notes: “…policymakers worldwide wield great power over how water resources are managed. Wise use of such power will become increasingly important as the years go by because the world’s demand for freshwater is […]

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Middle East & North Africa: Food vs. Water

As reported in The International Herald Tribune, global food shortages have placed the Middle East and North Africa in a quandary, forcing them to choose between growing more crops to feed an expanding population or preserving their already scant supply of water. As the article notes: “…For decades nations in this region have drained aquifers, […]

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Africa’s Shared Water Resources: Source of Conflict Or Cooperation?

Via All Africa, an interesting – and hopeful – analysis of shared water resources in Africa.  As we have discussed previously, numerous media and research reports have have anticipated wars over water in Africa.  But, as this article notes, Anthony Turton of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa — which […]

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Water Wars in West Bank

From the UK’s Guardian, a report noting once again the dire situation of water allocation between Palestine and Israel.  As the article notes: “…in many parts of the world drought and water shortages are endemic. In most the picture is of countries sharing water and river resources. But in others the problems are exacerbated by […]

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Central Asia Water Woes

Via New Eurasia, an interesting report (translated via Google Translator) that Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are having serious diagreements over water with Kazakhstan.  As the article notes: “…according to agreements, Kazakhstan buys Kyrgyz electricity, and Kyrgyzstan … increases the amount of water in 150 cubic meters per second for Kazakhstan. Uzbekistan, for its part, undertakes to […]

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Geopolitical Implications of New International Trade in Water

Courtesy of Pruned,  an interesting article on the geopolitics of the emerging international trade in water. As the report notes: “First there was Barcelona, and now Cyprus is also importing water. Like Spain, Cyprus is suffering from a severe drought that has left the its reservoirs at 7.5% full. In fact, according to Reuters, the […]

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