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Europe’s Dry Rivers Put Climate Ambitions At Risk

Via Politico, a look at how Europe’s waterways are a key tool in the fight against climate change — if they don’t fall victim to drought first: Europe’s rivers are running dry, spelling trouble not only for industries that rely on them to move cargo but also for the EU’s climate ambitions. As part of its […]

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Europe Faces Growing Water Crisis As Winter Drought Worsens

Via The Guardian, a report on how multiple European governments are warning of critical water shortages as heatwaves and lack of rain leave river systems depleted: The scenes are rare enough in mid-summer; in early March, they are unprecedented. Lac de Montbel in south-west France is more than 80% empty, the boats of the local sailing club […]

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Europe’s Water Crisis: Much Worse Than Thought

Courtesy of National Geographic, a report that this year’s historic drought in Europe was just one part of the story as new findings reveal an alarming decline of freshwater in the continent’s aquifers: As drought dried up rivers and reservoirs across Europe this year, grim warnings from the past surfaced from the depths. Wenn du mich […]

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The Rhine: A Perfect Symbol of Our Climate Folly

Via New Republic, an article on the Rhine, German river once subjected to a massive nineteenth-century engineering project to facilitate coal transport, which now needs engineers to intervene again due to global warming partially caused by global warming related to coal transported on the mighty river: Germany is trying to save the Rhine. “Save,” in this […]

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World’s Rivers are Running Dry Today

Via China Water Risk, commentary on the challenges facing many of the world’s most important rivers: Indus faced mega flood while Yangtze, Colorado, Rhine & Po suffered droughts, running dry in sections. Power (down 50% in some regions), factories & transportation disrupted Crops were destroyed but rivers also support chunks of GDP: YREB (US$5.3trn), Colorado […]

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Europe’s Drought Worst In 500 Years

Via BBC, a report on Europe’s drought: Two-thirds of Europe is under some sort of drought warning, in what is likely the worst such event in 500 years. The latest report from the Global Drought Observatory says 47% of the continent is in “warning” conditions, meaning soil has dried up. Another 17% is on alert – meaning […]

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