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‘Living On The Edge’: Middle East At Risk of Climate-Induced Food, Water Scarcity

Via Terra Daily, a report on a new Greenpeace study focused on the Middle East’s climate risks: The Middle East is at high risk of water and food scarcity as well as severe heat waves as a result of climate change, said a Greenpeace study released Wednesday. Published only days ahead of the UN climate […]

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Middle East and North Africa: Dry and Disorderly

Courtesy of The Economist, an article on the parched countries of the Middle East and North Africa: In the neighbourhood of Algiers where the presidential palace and foreign embassies are located, some think the water pressure has increased of late. But don?t tell those living in the suburbs of Algeria?s capital, where the taps have […]

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Water Conflicts in International Rivers

Via ESRI, a report on water conflicts on international rivers: October 24, 2020?is the deadline of the?U.S water debt?in which Mexico still has to release about 300 million cubic meters of water to the Rio Grande. The U.S. water debt is part of the?1944 treaty?about the water utilization of the Rio Grande, Colorado and Tijuana […]

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Water Protests in Algeria Are Giving Cause for Concern about its Long-Term Stability

Via Future Directions International, a report on Algeria’s water stress: As Algerians continue to protest about the country?s government, following?Abdelaziz Bouteflika?s?resignation, demonstrations have also broken out in eastern Algeria, where protesters have demanded?better access to drinking water. The protests occurred in Hammamet, near the town of Tebessa, where tensions have continued to rise since the […]

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