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Water: National Security Challenge For Pakistan

Via Pakistan’s Frontier Post, commentary on the water security challenge facing Pakistan: South Asia is home to around quarter of the world’s population and also one of the most water stressed regions in the world. In South Asia, Pakistan is facing a distressing decrease in water resources and yet authorities in Pakistan are unable or […]

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As Nile Dam Tensions Rise, ‘Miscalculation’ Could Lead to Conflict

Via VOA News, an update on Nile Dam tensions where some observers fear that ‘miscalculation’ could lead to conflict: Ethiopia is moving forward with a plan to fill a massive reservoir behind a new dam on the Nile River and Egypt is calling the move a threat to peace and security in the region and is […]

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COVID-19 Hits Bhutan-India Water Cooperation

Via Third, a report on how Bhutanese officials are scrambling to restore irrigation channels after farmers were thwarted by India’s sealed border: In Baksa district of Assam in north-east India, right next to the Bhutan border, hundreds of farmers held a demonstration this month. They alleged that Bhutan had blocked the flow of water from […]

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Egypt’s Losing Battle on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), analysis of Egypt’s position on the Grand Renaissance Dam: The failure of last week’s negotiations over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam means that the initial filling of the $4 billion hydroelectric dam on the Blue Nile will likely occur without an agreement between Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia. Egypt will attempt, […]

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Water Sharing Tensions Between Iran and Afghanistan Still High as Droughts Ease

Via Future Directions International, a look at water tensions between Iran and Afghanistan: Both Iran and Afghanistan have suffered from prolonged droughts over the last several years. In Afghanistan, the worst drought in decades directly affected two-thirds of the country in 2018-19. Around ten million Afghans were severely impacted by the drought and at least 300,000 were displaced as a result. […]

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Pakistan’s Water Crisis

Via Pakistan’s Technology Times, commentary on Pakistan’s water crisis: Water crisis are threatening Pakistan as the country faces a serious water crisis as per capita water availability falls due to gradual unavailability of freshwater supplies and the rising demands of the country’s expanding population. As per the National Annual Plan 2019-20, during the last 71 […]

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