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Trucking In Water To Preserve Ogallala Aquifer

Via Daily Kos, an article on how – in an effort to preserve the Ogallala Aquifer – one Kansas groundwater district is considering trucking in water: One of the world’s largest aquifers is struggling to maintain its typical levels and officials are scrambling to preserve what little water remains. Southwestern Kansas’ Groundwater Management District 3 […]

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Ogallala Aquifer: The Wells Dried Up This Year

Via KTIC’s Rural Radio, a report on the dire impact the summer’s drought had on the Ogallala Aquifer: A post on social media from Haskell County, Kansas, pointed to a stark example of the impact of extreme drought and high crop irrigation demand in the 2022 year. “(The) well is basically out of water now. Been […]

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Drilling Deeper: U.S. Groundwater Wells Race Towards Bottom

Via Circle of Blue, an interesting look at how well depths are increasing across the United States: To locate sufficient supplies of fresh water, the nation’s groundwater wells are being drilled deeper and deeper, according to an analysis of more than 10 million well records since the 1950s. “No matter how you slice it, we’re […]

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U.S. Midwest: Groundwater Pumping Drying Streams, Driving Fish Extinctions

Via EurekAlert, a sobering article on the impact of groundwater pumping in the Midwest: Farmers in the Great Plains of Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas and the panhandle of Texas produce about one-sixth of the world’s grain, and water for these crops comes from the High Plains Aquifer — often known as the Ogallala Aquifer — the […]

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USA: Irrigation Nation Faces A Dry Future

Via Pacific Standard, an interesting look at how irrigation helped create America’s breadbasket and how it threatens to destroy it: Rick Hammond turned a yellow dial until it locked into place with a hollow clank, and a high-pressure hum filled the air. Across the windswept field, a light started blinking atop a metal contraption that […]

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Water: Precious Commodity Sparks Fear, Feuds and Lawsuits On U.S. Great Plains

Via E&E Publishing, a report on It took 10 million years for rainfall and glacial runoff to fill the sprawling Ogallala Aquifer. It took a century to drain a third of it and threaten its future. Spread under parts of eight Great Plains states — Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas and […]

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