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Thailand?s EV Push May Worsen Water Shortages In The East

Via Eco Business, a look at how the?arrival of Chinese electric car manufacturer BYD in Rayong is expected to increase the strain on the province?s water?supplies: Chinese conglomerate BYD will start production of its first electric vehicles (EV) in Southeast Asia in around 2024. The new facility is expected to produce 150,000 vehicles per year, […]

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Will the Mekong River Really Become the Next South China Sea?

Via The Diplomat, a look – amid competition between China and the U.S. – at how the question of the river?s fate has been imbued with a strategic undercurrent: In recent years, the fate of Southeast Asia?s great river ? the Mekong ? has attracted growing international scrutiny. The Mekong faces many challenges, from the […]

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For Thai Fishers Facing Dwindling Catches, A Lao Dam Looms Large

Via Mongabay, a report on the impact that a Laos dam will have upon Thai fishing communities: Laos plans to build a $2 billion, 684-megawatt dam on the Mekong River, just 2 kilometers (1.25 miles) from the Thai border. The proposed Sanakham dam is the latest in a cascade of more than a dozen dams […]

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Saving The Mekong Delta From Drowning

Via Terra Daily, a report on the Mekong Delta: Southeast Asia’s most productive agricultural region and home to 17 million people could be mostly underwater within a lifetime. Saving the Mekong River Delta requires urgent, concerted action among countries in the region to lessen the impact of upstream dams and better manage water and sediments […]

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The Mekong Delta?s Transboundary Water Problems

Via East Asia Forum, a report on the Mekong delta?s transboundary water problems: The Mekong River is the lifeblood of countries in the Mekong region, but the past few years have seen?water flows?recurringly decline and processes of saltwater intrusion accelerating in the Vietnamese Mekong delta. These?transboundary hydrological challenges?have detrimental effects on millions of people living […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: China Is Running Out of Water and That?s Scary for Asia

Via Bloomberg, an opinion?piece?looking at how – of all Bejing?s problems (demographic decline, a?stifling political climate, the stalling or reversal of economic reforms) dwindling natural resources may be the most urgent: Nature and geopolitics can interact in nasty ways. The historian Geoffrey Parker has?argued?that changing weather patterns drove war, revolution and upheaval during a long […]

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