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Dam Politics: Impact of Planned Niger River Dams

Via NewScientist, a report on the impact of planned Niger River dams: SEEN from space, it is a vast green and blue smudge on the edge of the Sahara desert. Close up, it is a watery wilderness of lakes and flooded forests and grasslands, home to 1.5 million fishers, cattle grazers and farmers, and millions […]

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Africa’s Flourishing Niger Delta Threatened by Libya Water Plan

Courtesy of Yale’s environment360, a detailed report on how Mali’s president and Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi have begun a major agricultural project that will divert much of the river’s water and put the inland Niger delta of Mali future at risk.  As the article notes: “…Daouda Sanankoua is an aquatic mayor, and proud of it. […]

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Rescuing The Niger River

As reported by Terra Daily, international donors have pledged almost one billion euros to save Africa’s Niger river, which runs across 4,200-kilometres through Guinea, Mali, Niger and Nigeria, and is the lifeblood for 110 million people. So, in this case, an example of water politics working in the positive. As the article notes: “…the money […]

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