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The Thirsty Dragon: Harnessing Asia’s River Flows To Power Its Industrial Miracle

Via, a review of Beijing’s efforts to harness Asia’s river flow to power its industrial miracle.  As the article notes: “…China’s omnivorous energy requirements have been attracting increasing attention as of late, as Beijing attempts to secure any and all sources of power for its growing industrial base. Nowhere is this more noticeable than […]

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Transforming Water From Being A Cause Of Frequent Conflict To An Instrument For Sustainable Peace

Via Yahoo News, a report detailing how and why Sudan’s government and the United Nations launched a $1-billion cash to help reverse the rapid decline in Darfur’s water supplies, seen as one the key drivers in the region’s conflict: “…We are here to transfer water from being a cause of frequent conflict to an instrument […]

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Global Water Use: An Environmental Ponzi Scheme

Courtesy of The Guardian, two excellent articles on water scarcity around the world.  The first looks at what it aptly describes as an environmental ponzi scheme as Earth’s water-stressed nations are borrowing against the future, as rising populations use stocks faster than they are replaced: Find water and you find life. This simple maxim guides […]

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Laos Defies Neighbors On Dam Project

Via Reuters, a report that Laos is forging ahead with construction of a controversial $3.5 billion hydropower dam in breach of an agreement to suspend the project pending approval by ministers of neighboring countries.  As the article notes: “…The Lao government has already given Thai developer Ch Karnchang the go-ahead to resume work on the […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Power Hungry?

Courtesy of Circle of Blue, an interesting report on how the cords of energy demand and water supply are tightening around the Chinese economy.  As the article notes: The coal mines of Inner Mongolia, China and the oil and gas fields of the northern Great Plains in the United States are separated by 11,200 kilometers […]

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Water Tension Boils Over: Violence Erupts Along Ethiopia-Kenya Water-stressed Border

Via Circle of Blue, an interesting report on how severe droughts have added stress to an ongoing dispute between two neighboring ethnic groups near Lake Turkana — the border between the two nations — which has culminated in a series of violent attacks.  As the article notes: “…In a small village along the waters of […]

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