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Yemen’s Aquifers To Run Dry By 2030

Via Green Prophet, a report on Yemen’s water crisis: The Yemeni Houthis are a problem as they blow up ships passing through the Red Sea toward the manmade Suez Canal. The Houthis astarving out their own people. They use water as a weapon in their war against the west. In a recent UN report by UN […]

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How the Houthis Use Water as Weapon in Yemen

Via Green Prophet, a look at how water is used as a weapon in Yemen: In a bid to control and subvert the nonviolent people in Yemen, Houthi rebels use water as a weapon, says a new report. Women and younger women are especially put in harm’s way. According to New Security Beat the Houthis are blocking […]

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Water Wipeout: How a Solar Revolution in Farming Is Depleting World’s Groundwater

Via Yale e360, a look at how farmers in hot, arid regions are turning to low-cost solar pumps to irrigate their fields, eliminating the need for expensive fossil fuels and boosting crop production. But by allowing them to pump throughout the day, the new technology is drying up aquifers around the globe: There is a […]

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Droughts and Societal Change: Impact of Drought On Emergence of Islam In Late Antique Arabia

Via the Daily Mail, an article on a new report published by Science that examines the impact that extreme drought on the Arabian peninsula had upon the rise of Islam in the seventh century: For nearly 300 years, the Himyarite kingdom was the dominant power in ancient Arabia. Its economy, based on agriculture and foreign […]

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Saving a Water-Stressed Middle East

Via The Cairo Review, a look at how inefficient water management exacerbates water insecurity in the MENA region: The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) will be the most severely affected by climate change. A report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change forecasts that this region will inevitably experience shorter and warmer winters, hotter and drier […]

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How Yemen Chewed Itself Dry: Farming Qat, Wasting Water

Courtesy of Foreign Affairs (subscription required), a dated but interesting article on Yemen’s qat-related water scarcity issue: In a little over a decade, Sana’a, Yemen, may become the world’s first capital to run out of water. Failed governance and environmental mismanagement share some of the blame for drying up the city. But there is also […]

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