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Water Crisis Deepens In Istanbul Dams

Via the Hurriyet Daily News, a report on Turkey – with Istanbul grappling with a worsening water crisis due to drought – is now seeing the water levels in three out of the ten dams supplying water to the country’s largest city have plummeted dangerously, falling nearly 3 percent: Experiencing one of the most severe droughts in recent […]

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King of the Dammed: Turkey’s Landscape Changing For The Worse

Courtesy of Foreign Policy a look at how Turkish President Erdogan’s mega-infrastructure projects are enriching construction companies while reshaping his country’s waterscape for the worse: On a humid midsummer morning, the fishermen of Tekelioglu, a village in western Turkey, gathered to talk about how their lake disappeared. The decline began a decade ago, they agreed, […]

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Tigris–Euphrates Basin States Must Come Together To Address Water Crisis

Via ASPI’s The Strategist, a look at the need for Tigris–Euphrates basin states to come together to address the water crisis: In a dramatic display of collective frustration, the streets of Baghdad recently became a theatre of dissent as around 300 Iraqis took to Nisour Square to protest acute water shortages. The demonstrations were held on 18 […]

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Drought, Migration and the Fall of Civilization: A Cautionary Tale

Via The Hill, commentary on similarities between today’s world and the rise/fall of Mesopotamia: The writer George Santayana once famously said: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  This adage seems especially poignant at this moment with the twin conflicts that are playing out in the Western and Eastern hemispheres. For, this […]

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Analysis of Climate Security Risks In Iran and Türkiye

Courtesy of The Council on Strategic Risks, a look at the climate security risks in Iran and Türkiye: As extreme weather this summer shows, no place is immune from climate change’s impact on the interconnected natural and human systems that underpin stability and security. Iran and Türkiye are two geopolitically critical countries that, despite not being […]

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‘Bad Days Await’: Istanbul Dams Run Low In Summer Heat

Via Terra Daily, a report on Istanbul’s growing water scarcity crisis: The bank of screens in Ismail Aydin’s Istanbul water management system control room flashes a worrying number: 29.7 percent.That is the capacity level to which Istanbul’s water reservoirs have dropped after another steamy summer put Turkey’s largest city on the edge of a potential […]

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