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The Thirsty Dragon: China’s ‘Development Approach’ To Mekong Water Disputes

Via The Diplomat, a look at China’s approach to Mekong River water disputes: Even as COVID-19 is wreaking havoc and uncertainty around the globe, Vietnam’s Mekong Delta declared an emergency over the devastating drought in early March. Studies suggest that the frequency and severity of droughts in the Mekong region has increased in the past decades, […]

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Thailand’s Big Water Challenge

Via The Diplomat, a look at Thailand’s water challenge: Shortages of water are a huge problem for Thailand. The government’s attempts to promote industrial investment in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) — Chon Buri, Rayong and Chachoengsao — has caused water demand in the region to rise drastically. This has diverted water away from farmers and […]

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Growing Threat Of Water Conflict

Via Deutsche Welle, an article on how water insecurity is driving conflict in Africa and across the globe: Ever more of the world’s population is living with water insecurity and is unable to consistently access safe, clean drinking water. A number of factors, including climate change and poor water management, are worsening water scarcity, which […]

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Where Water Used To Be

Courtesy of The London Review of Books, an article on global water scarcity: On? the second to last day of last year, I got on a flight to Mexico City. Four hours in, we were told we needed to make an emergency landing in Houston. The captain had noticed an oil leak shortly after we […]

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Colonial-Era Treaties To Blame For Unresolved Dispute Over Ethiopia’s Dam

Via The Conversation, a look at how colonial-era Nile river treaties are to blame for the unresolved dispute over Ethiopia’s dam: Disputes over the filling and operation of Ethiopia’s Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam have, once again, threatened security in North-East Africa. The dam – a huge project on one of the River Nile’s main tributaries, the Blue […]

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The Thirsty Dragon: Is China Gaining a Stranglehold on the World Water Supply?

Via LinkedIn, one observer’s commentary on China’s strategic actions around water: In the upcoming U.S. presidential election, China has emerged again and again as both threat and ally. With all the talk about trade, economic balance and military concerns surrounding China, this is a timely opportunity to dive into a little-discussed aspect of Chinese global […]

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