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The Thirsty Dragon To Become A Hungry Dragon?

As reported by The New York Times, China’s drought continues to have major impact upon the nation, in particular its wheat belt: “…Northern China is dry in the best of times. But a long rainless stretch has underscored the urgency of water problems in a region that grows three-fifths of China’s crops and houses more […]

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Tajikistan and Uzbekistan Sign Water & Power Agreement

Via Radio Free Europe, a brief but interesting report on a water & power sharing agreement between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.  As the article notes “…Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have signed an agreement establishing closer economic ties that will ease the electricity shortage in Tajikistan. Parts of Tajikistan have been without power since December, when Uzbekistan stopped […]

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Tajikistan’s Dam(n) Trust?

Via The Foreign Policy Association, an interesting look at Tajikistan’s considerable freshwater reserves and how they impact (may be impacted) by developments in Central Asia.  As the article notes “…In contrast to its’ neighboring countries with vast oil and gas resources, Tajikistan has the actual most important resource in the world, large reserves of fresh […]

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South Asia: 25% of The World’s Population Accesses <5% of The World's Freshwater

Via Celsias, details of a startling new UN report indicating that hundreds of millions of South Asians face growing water stress due to over exploitation, climate change and inadequate cooperation among countries.  As the article notes: “…South Asia is home to one-fourth of the global population, including some of the world’s poorest people, who have […]

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Peace In The Pipeline: Water Peacemaking vs. Water Wars

Via The BBC, an interesting article on whether the focus should be on water peacemaking instead of water wars.  As the report notes: It seems obvious; rivalries over water have been the source of disputes since humans settled down to cultivate food. Even our language reflects these ancient roots: “rivalry” comes from the Latin rivalis […]

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The Great Lakes: An International Water Bank With Very Low Interest Rates

Courtesy of The Vancouver Sun, an interesting article on a report that indicates even the Great Lakes aren’t great enough to sustain North Americans’ reckless water use in the event of a continentwide water shortage. As the piece notes: “…I think we have to stop considering the Great Lakes as the thing that’s going to […]

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